FebPhotoFest2020 Fetish Francesca Latex

Kinky then and Kinky now #F4Thought

I had been a misfit for a long time. The kink community gave me a home. Not just in real life, also through the blogging community. I cannot imagine life without kink. Mine is very simple. Fetishes, particularly latex. With a baby well on its way, at 40, I wrestled with the notion of losing […]

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Kinky Mom Kicks Ass

So I haven’t been on my blog so much lately. I’m counting the days when my little bump will become a person (although we already have plenty of conversations, and I still win our arguments). In the meantime, I’m obsessing over my transparent latex dress, which finally fits and provides support for my boobs! Now […]

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Fetish Francesca Latex

Latex for the curious 4 #SinfulSunday

It’s warm outside and I’m reminded of some outdoor adventures. I’d love to go outside wearing some naughty latex outfit, bet nobody would blink an eye here in the City. Only problem, my body doesn’t fit into any or the latex clothes I have! So here is some recent reminiscing about wearing a full length […]

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