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Forced Feeding – Alyssia the Apprentice

This post goes back a few years. Early on during my Escort time, I was curious to learn more about the sex industry. Alyssia was my Escort name. I knew what my clients were looking for only scratched the surface of what’s feasible. To be a good sub, I was curious to see how a […]

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Fetish Fiction Francesca

Goddess Francesca – #Findom #MasturbationMonday

Financial Domination. You know what it is, you asked for it. The feeling of giving up control turns you on. For you, it’s not control over your cock, it’s not being locked up. No, you want to go further. You want a Goddess. Serving a strong woman who will control every part of your life. […]

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A Date with Mistress Francesca #NSFW #SinfulSunday #SOSS

You’re so naive. Seriously, you thought I’d be this quiet, demure submissive when you approach me? Well guess what; you’re been wrong. Very wrong. That may be the persona I put up in social media. You wanted to meet me. So, don’t blame me for what is about to happen to you. Now you walk […]

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