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Kink-inspiring Hotels #NSFW

What the fuck makes a hotel ‘kink-inspiring’? Well, that’s a really good question and I’m trying to give my personal opinions here. You will not find any of these on your typical list of kink-themed hotels. Quite to the contrary, most of them are very upscale hotels; something that actually makes being naughty all the […]

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Fiction Francesca Latex

Fuck, she’s hot!

Before the lights went dark, she took one last look around. The room was still filled with designer clothes, all prepared for tomorrow’s event at the New York Fashion Week. It was only a short glimpse, but enough to tell she would never forget this night. He was mid-forties, typical New York banker by the […]

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Springtime Pleasures

There it is, my favorite place it the world. Claude Monet’s garden in Giverny. Mid-May, also happens to be Mothers Day, and a glorious late afternoon. Time to get kinky. I write a lot about my kinks, but the occasions when I feel fully immersed in them, are rare. When they do happen, and just […]

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