Francesca Non-Fiction

Unwanted Adventures

I made this picture. Now I’m trying to figure out what it means. This is not going to be a long post, because I don’t know what to write. But I know what I feel. Bear with me, I’ll close my eyes, and let my fingers type what goes through my head. I don’t belong […]

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Francesca Opinion Travel

I need to chill.

I don’t think I’ve ever been as stressed out as I’ve been as last few days. COVID cases in the US are rising steeply, now we’re back where we were at the end of April. And while I try to avoid paying attention to politics, even wearing a mask is politicized. I feel like retreating […]

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Francesca Non-Fiction Travel

Should you be wearing a Gasmask?

With the Corona Virus running rampant around the world, we all are getting used to wearing some form of facial covering. Some, mostly for show, go so far as to wear gasmasks in public. But it begs the question, should you be wearing a gasmask? It crossed my mind that once you’ve experienced walking around […]

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Fetish Francesca Travel

Life in Isolation #NSFW #SB4MH

Here we are. With Covid-19 going rampant in Manhattan, all non-essential stores closed and everyone strongly discouraged from leaving home, cabin fever sets in. I feel it, everyone else does. Still falling into the high-risk category, I’m learning to work from home, attend classes from home, go to office hours from home, and stay in […]

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Fetish Francesca

The Temptation of Edge Play #NSFW

As an escort, I had strict rules. Among them, never give up control. That included using only my own equipment. Nipple clamps, paddles, floggers, or anything that could inflict pain had to be my own. And I had tested each item to be ‘soft’ enough to avoid serious injury, even if a client was a […]

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