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One toe into the water

I have a strange view of vacation, or holidays (not the religious kind). I need mental vacations, not physical ones. So, when I do go away, I much prefer going somewhere boring. Some place, where there is nothing to be done, but tune out. And tuning out is something I desperately need at the moment. […]

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Sex and Photography

I don’t take many pictures, but I love them. So much so, that I have only ever posted one single picture that was not of myself. It’s not that I’m so vain, it’s just that I happen to have had a lot of pictures taken by a professional photographer. Now that I’m spending much more […]

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Alien Encounter #NSFW

There is a knock on the door. The first sign that others have survived as well. There had been no signs of life anywhere. No radio, TV, internet, just nothing. We were all prepared that there would be a period of total blackout. No communication, nothing. As if the entire planet was void of intelligent […]

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Sex is no ritual, it’s spiritual.

I was baptized by an East German spy. Does that even count? Born a decade before the Berlin Wall came down, the cold war was my home. My Grandmother hated Russia with a passion. She never spoke about what happened when WWII ended and she had to protect three young girls. One of them was […]

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FebPhotoFest2020 Francesca Non-Fiction Opinion

Should I be more dominant?

In recent weeks, I haven’t been as active as I had hoped. Of course, I have a good excuse. With a baby on the way, barely a month from my due date, life slows down. School is only getting into spring break the week of March 16, just in time for ‘bump’ to come into […]

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Confession of a grown-up Slut #NSFW #F4Thought

Your message from Monday was a surprise. And to be honest, since you left me in St. Peterburg, I had barely given you a thought. Done. You were out of my life. I worked hard to get over you. Not that there ever was an ‘us’ anyway. There could have been. What almost was can […]

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FebPhotoFest2020 Fetish Francesca Latex

Kinky then and Kinky now #F4Thought

I had been a misfit for a long time. The kink community gave me a home. Not just in real life, also through the blogging community. I cannot imagine life without kink. Mine is very simple. Fetishes, particularly latex. With a baby well on its way, at 40, I wrestled with the notion of losing […]

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Home-less, Home-wrecker – Alyssia

I haven’t posted anything in a couple of days. It’s one of those up and down periods that don’t seem to end. Thanks to @pjawoode for keeping me company during sleepless nights. And then I read Rebel’s post about ‘home’. She got me off my butt and thinking about where my home is; what I […]

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A fucked up Picture for a Cover #F4Thought

This is an updated version of one of my first posts on this blog. I’m not re-writing history, it’s just that there are parts missing. I’m not the same person I was 7 months ago. No that’s not true, I’m willing to admit that I’m still the same person I was 7 months ago. That’s […]

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