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Fuck, she’s hot!

Before the lights went dark, she took one last look around. The room was still filled with designer clothes, all prepared for tomorrow’s event at the New York Fashion Week. It was only a short glimpse, but enough to tell she would never forget this night. He was mid-forties, typical New York banker by the […]

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The future of me – Back to Alyssia?

At least four more weeks of pacing up and down my hallway. Hoping for nice weather and some fresh air. It’s like Alcatraz. No ocean, but the city is nice, quiet, clean. And no way to escape. I am a prisoner in my own apartment. I’ve been looking forward to a graduation ceremony. We don’t […]

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Fetish Francesca Latex

What Money doesn’t buy – Alyssia quits

Together with some 30 girls, I’m sitting in a sticky conference room somewhere in Germany. It is the middle of summer, 2016. We all know why our agency has called for a meeting. There was no need for an agenda. It was all over the newspapers! Even those of us who normally don’t keep up […]

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Alyssia – Elite Fuck Toy

So you want to get a good fuck. You’re looking for a partner without success, but have a bit of spare money. It doesn’t cost much to get a blow job. You get off on it, leave, go home. And two hours later, you want to do it all over again. What you really want […]

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Kinky Mom Kicks Ass

So I haven’t been on my blog so much lately. I’m counting the days when my little bump will become a person (although we already have plenty of conversations, and I still win our arguments). In the meantime, I’m obsessing over my transparent latex dress, which finally fits and provides support for my boobs! Now […]

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Francesca Non-Fiction

Alyssia gets pissed

I hadn’t seen one of my regular clients for quite some time. I was beginning to think he was just not into me anymore. Even worse, I found out that he had been together with one of the girls who had just joined the agency. I knew she was barely of legal age. The ’19’ […]

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Francesca Non-Fiction Opinion

Home-less, Home-wrecker – Alyssia

I haven’t posted anything in a couple of days. It’s one of those up and down periods that don’t seem to end. Thanks to @pjawoode for keeping me company during sleepless nights. And then I read Rebel’s post about ‘home’. She got me off my butt and thinking about where my home is; what I […]

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Fuck an Escort, it’s healthy! – Alyssia 3.0

After a few years of being in the escort business, I figured out my niche. I was really good at getting fucked by clients who had a wife and family. It took me a while to get there, but it was worth it. Married men are more stable, reliable clients. They know why they want […]

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Alyssia’s Nightmare #NSFW #SB4MH Disturbing Violence

In an earlier post, I previewed perhaps the scariest moments that I have experienced as an escort. I never talked about it, and even though it’s now quite a few years in the past, it’s still haunting me. As the new year starts, I feel that I just need to get it off my chest. […]

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Francesca Latex Non-Fiction

Seeing the Dark Side – #SinfulSunday

Although it is a bit early and this picture a bit dated, it does seems to fit the January #SinfulSunday prompt ‘Shadows’ quite well. Shadows can be beautiful, and also expose the dark sides around us. It was my first experience as an escort where I was genuinely scared shitless for longer than I care […]

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The Story behind the Story

I started writing my first story in late 2018. It was about a character who was more or less based on myself. I know, it’s a bit vain, but it’s the character I know best. I actually first thought that I would make it a more non-fiction story because there is so much poor information […]

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