Fetish Francesca Non-Fiction

Yes, Mistress

I had just been back in Germany for a few days and was already in trouble. The kind of trouble a starving submissive like myself had been longing for. Sara had known me for years. She knew of my secret life as an escort. And I knew of her not-so-secret life as a professional dominatrix. […]

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Fetish Francesca Latex Non-Fiction

I get a kick out of kink

Actually, I should have started out with ‘You get a kick out of my kink’ as a headline. At least it sure seems that way. That I have a kink for latex fashion and restraints is probably not a secret. But fetish? That’s actually an entirely different direction; at least for me. Let me start […]

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Francesca Non-Fiction

Truth and Fiction

Right now, it’s very tempting to live in a world of fiction. Many of the freedoms we enjoyed seem out of reach. The truth can be too harsh, and, frankly, often depressing. At least that’s the case for me personally, living at this moment in time in the US — the ‘land of liberty and […]

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Fetish Fiction

Will you be my Sugar Daddy?

You may wonder why I am looking for a Sugardaddy. You’re right, that would make me a Sugarbaby, someone who gets money in return for spending time, caring, and enjoying life together with a wealthy person. The question for you, though, is not why I am very comfortable being a Sugar Baby. The real question […]

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Francesca Latex


I’m a good listener. I’ve finally figured out that there is a place for me where I belong. And it’s not in some obscure job but in personal relations. I’m easy to talk to, a pleasure to fuck, and can make (almost) any person feel better. Just looking around, there is a lot of anger […]

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