This series of blogs trace my relationship with another more mature student at Columbia in New York City. While it is fictionalized, much of it is based on actual events.

Fetish Francesca Latex Non-Fiction Opinion Sierra

Mind over Memory #NSFW #Tellmeabout

Ever since my St. Petersburg drama, I really haven’t thought much about relationships. Intimacy, at least for a while, was out the window. For a while, during the lock-down in New York, I even thought about giving up on seeking a relationship – ever. I was pretty depressed. Getting back home, I’m realizing how much […]

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Fetish Fiction Francesca Sierra

Sierra makes me Come #NSFW #SOSS

I’m tired. Almost every evening now, I try to prepare for life in a household of two. It’s exhausting, so I watch some TV on the couch. My eyes are heavy and I drop the remote when I can’t stay awake. I should go to my bedroom, but the couch is too comfortable to get […]

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Fiction Francesca Sierra

Mind-fucked by Sierra #SOSS #MasturbationMonday

My last exam is over!!!! I’m dead tired and horny as hell. I haven’t had sex in a week and my hormones are raging. As much as it scares me, Sierra is my go-to person these days when I need some good sex. I never know what she does, she loves mind-fuck games, but is […]

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Fetish Francesca Sierra

Sierra is fucking scary #NSFW

Last I heard from Sierra was a rather ominous message about her brother. His intention to modify my body as punishment for writing about him on my blog. I never used his real name (I may not even know it), never posted a picture of his, and only made reference to his sister, with her […]

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Fetish Francesca Latex Sierra

Sierra’s brother read my blog – #NSFW #SOSS

Before leaving for St. Petersburg, I had a developing fling with another girl in one of my classes at Columbia. I wrote a couple of posts about her. She is one of the hottest, craziest persons I’ve ever met. Only problem, I’m absolutely sure that her family has ties to some form of organized crime, […]

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Fetish Sierra

Fucked by Sierra and her brother #NSFW

I’ve been in hiding over the past week. Not from Sierra, from myself. It was exactly a week ago when, on the verge of an orgasm, I pretty much gave Sierra and her brother Antonio permission to do with me anything they wanted. She was a tease, a seducer, irresistible and insatiable in her appetite […]

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Francesca Sierra

Becoming Sierra’s Bitch #NSFW #SOSS

This is my third post on Sierra. I had met her at school a few weeks back. We sit in the same class together twice a week. She is Italian, and perhaps the wildest person I’ve ever met. Sex with her is amazing. And now she had invited me to spend a day with her and her […]

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Fetish Francesca Sierra

Sierra is fucking hot! #NSFW #SOSS

OK, so, I said that I would take a break. And I have been really good all week keeping my social media attention to a minimum. It’s just that the story I wrote about Sierra wasn’t entirely fiction. There really is a Sierra who I met at Columbia and who used to dance with the […]

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