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Before you read any of my posts, read this one first. Not that it’s any better than the others, but it may just keep you from becoming addicted. Yes, it’s true, reading this blog is like a maze and some never escape. At least that’s what I heard.

I won’t tell you much about myself; the posts, if you read them carefully, will tell you more than anyone should ever know about me. Browse around, grab a coffee, or your cock, pussy, or both, and make yourself at home. If you like what you see (oh, yes, I do post a lot of pictures), say something. Hell, if you don’t like what I write, say something as well. I may just not give a fuck because this is my blog.

Now I can’t resist but tell you a bit about what you’re looking at. I said looking, dummy. Yes, unless I say so explicitly, all pictures are of myself. That’s mostly the result of my social ineptitude. I don’t like asking others for permission to use their pictures. There are no co-authors, guest bloggers, or anything of that sort. It’s pretty much all me. Read the posts and you’ll understand why.

This blog is one big mind-fuck. I promise you will want to meet me in person. Maybe you already have and just didn’t notice! But chances are, unless by accident, you never will. And those who would recognize me from my posts would never break my anonymity. No, it’s not because I have such trust in humanity. It’s because they most likely paid for the privilege to fuck me; excuse me, to spend time with me. Just keep reading and you’ll find out.

A couple of warnings.

This blog is for adults only! You will see my pussy, you probably will want to touch it. You may even hug your computer, hoping I will magically come to life.

You better be tolerant. If you can’t handle every sort of sexual subject, that’s fine. But sticking around here may just sully your puritan mind.

Don’t look at my blog at work. Almost every post is not-suitable-for-workplace. That doesn’t mean people around you at work wouldn’t enjoy my blog, but share it with them when you’re not getting fired.

I’m going to fuck with you. If you think you know the difference between fiction and non-fiction, think again. The only difference is in your mind because someone told you so. Hell, I may call something fiction, but don’t you wonder what made me write about it?

So, be my guest, don’t break anything, behave like an adult, and please, don’t get addicted.


20 thoughts on “This is my Blog

  1. Ahh Francesca, so nice to ‘see’ you back. Your words and stories have been missed. Hope all is well and everything is as it should be in your world!

    1. Thanks for welcoming me back! Yes, I think I’m beginning to find a bit more balance in my life. And hopefully more time for my blog.

  2. I’m so happy to read, see, fantasize , imagine you again via your new creations and recreations alongside your beauty revealed in your words and photographs, skin and latex incarnations which inspire again my salivations and self-administered ministrations¡!¡. Lead me on again and again. Moxiedavid

    1. Thanks, Marie. Now that we’re slowly emerging from this nightmare, I hope that my blog will also come back to life – I sort of need it to keep myself in balance as well. xoxo

  3. Francesca, your openness (& of course, your body), is so beautiful! You know I have always felt attracted to you, and, yes, your beauty, and the thought of being in your arms leaves me very wet!! I am so glad to read another post to your blog, and hope to read many more…and perhaps even see you.

    Love, Dani

    1. Oh, Dani. I hope to keep it that way – there is so much more to write about. Stay with me, love.

    1. Life knocked me out for a while, but things are definitely looking up. Thanks for welcoming me back!

  4. Hi Francesca. I like your stories n blog comments. I love to write bdsm stories myself. You might find my 3 stories on Literotica under author “bdsumner” to be fun, campy, interesting??? Cheers. Hope the health issues are fixed.

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