Crazy Life

It’s a funny thing. Six months ago, I was in lock-down mode in Manhattan. Everything had come to a halt, no personal interactions (except with my little bundle of joy), online classes for the rest of the term, and no end in sight.

No, I’ve relocated, just moved into my own apartment (yeah!!!) see old friends again, go out, have fun, and on top, I’m started a new job!!! I almost wished I could have taken it a bit more slowly, having some time to move before starting a job, but such is life. When it rains, it pours. It’s all good though.

I won’t go too much into my personal life, I don’t want to jinx it. Who knows, maybe someone is just messing with my mind and I’m thinking all these things are happening. I believe it when I get my first paycheck (or rather deposit…).

So, this is kind of a weird time for my blog. I haven’t had much time lately to post anything, or keep up with others. That’ll probably last for a little while.

And then I have to think about what I want to do with my blog. I started it more as an additional platform for the series of books that I had written. (Yes, they are still available on Amazon!!). Right now, though, the thought of writing more is too overwhelming.

In any case, the blog then turned really much more into a personal outlet. I thought my life had changed when I moved to New York and I wanted to share some of my experiences. I got involved in a couple of amazing memes, met amazing people, and even got an Award!!!!! The feedback was really amazing and incredibly encouraging.

The more I wrote, the more I opened up about myself. Not that I’m not guarding my privacy, but emotionally, I became much more open. In many ways, this became my companion while I went though the ups and downs of trying to forge relationships, prepared for becoming a family, and then being hit by a global pandemic.

I honestly don’t know what I would have done without this blog – it became so much more than I had ever imagined. Every comment was a way to connect with people. Every post was a way to share what’s on my mind. I just regret that I didn’t have nearly enough time to read what others are up to, their posts about life, how they handle the pandemic.

There were a few that I managed to follow regularly, at least I tried. But I still feel that the entire community here gave me so much more than I was able to give back in return.

This all may sound like I’m closing down this blog – I’m not!!!!

I’m just sharing what’s going on, and why I have been rather absent in the past weeks. Life is crazy, in a good way, and my blog is my place to talk about personal aspects, how I feel, have some fun, or just share some of my experiences. That takes some calm or at least some time to think about what’s going on. Right now, I’m just trying to keep up with all the changes in my life.

I’ll get to post more regularly, and I still haven’t written about my new relationships (sort of), amazing kinky experiences, and so much more.

So, for now, I’ll just leave you with one of my recent pictures when the weather was still nice. I (we) love to go outdoors, get fresh air, see the Zoo, the Tiergarten, and just be happy.


22 thoughts on “Crazy Life

  1. Looking forward to more adventures, thoughts and stories in the future! Best of luck in your new home and life situation. Also, sorry, but damn you’re sexy! Love the dress.

    1. Thank you! I’ll try and do my best. Life it a bit overwhelming at the moment, but I have a backlog of fun adventures that I still need to write up. xo

  2. How wonderful and joyous to hear that your new garden is fruitful and abundant. I find it so exciting to hear about your Huge positive changes. It’s probably hard to just keep up with yourself and your changing changes let alone other blogs. So many are writing so many great reflections, stories, and sharing interesting pictures I also find it impossible to keep up or even keep current.
    I look forward to your sharing your new future that is now your present. May blessings, peace, love and continued personal growth surround you and fill you.

    1. You’re the best! Yes, it’s pretty much impossible, which I really do regret. Life has changed so much in such a short time, it’s literally taken over my on-line presence. But I hope that I will eventually find a balance that works for me. xoxo

  3. It sounds like relocating was the best thing you could have done for yourself and your bundle of joy. I am so happy to read about your own place and your job. Life is good, Francesca! Enjoy 🙂
    ~ Marie

    1. Thanks, Marie. It has indeed been a good thing in so many ways. Before I started blogging, I never knew how much I would enjoy it. Now that my life is busier than I can handle, I regret not having more time to roam around other blogs and share more of what’s going on in my little space here. Eventually, I hope I can find that right balance. xoxo

  4. For me it has always been a pleasure to follow you, both on instagram and here. So I look forward to your new experiences.
    Ah, that dress in the image looks great on you, but as always, I would add more things. I have always thought that the limits are to be overcome … don’t you think?

    1. Hi Ralph! I’ve always gotten a kick out of your IG comments. I’m glad to see you here as well. True, limits are there to be overcome, but also to provide a safe space. Ideally, they do both. Btw, I love your IG posts, you spend a lot of time in beautiful places. xoxo

    1. Thanks, Mary. I’m trying to keep up with life, although now it seems that the pandemic is making a big comeback even in Germany. But it was definitely worth coming back, being with family, and starting what feels like a new life again. I really haven’t had much time for my blog, let alone catching up with others, but I hope that will change eventually. xo

  5. Of course, this blog is more for you than you might think. After reading it, we empathize with you and wish you all the best. This way you get support without even knowing it.

    1. Thanks, Lisa, for the support (and all others who have helped me during the past months!). It’s a good, amazing time. I just wished that the pandemic wouldn’t make a comeback just as my life is beginning to fall into places. Let’s all stay safe. xoxo

    1. Thanks, Michael! It’s moving faster than I can handle at the moment, which makes it so hard to keep up with what’s going on, let alone posting more about my life. Hope that will eventually change. xoxo

  6. This is so exciting, Francesca. I’m smiling as I make my way through your latest updates. 😀 Keep enjoying all the exciting things that are happening. We fans of your blog- however you choose to use it, whatever you choose to post, and however you often you decide to post-, will still be here rooting for you, even if our collective paths cross less often due to “real life” xx

    1. Thanks, JG! I’m so glad you’re enjoying catching up without putting pressure on me to post more often. Life is enough of a rat race, posting on a blog shouldn’t add to it. xoxo

  7. Francesca your images are always amazing. I relate to your comments about not having enough time. I have many stories and recent escapades that just do not have time to come out!
    Congratulations on your move, your addition, and thank you for sharing.

    I imagine if I saw you at the zoo I would have a hard time not stealing glances or admiring longingly as you walked by.

    1. Thanks, David! You’d be surprise how I can dress down – I can make myself very invisible.😶😘

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