I’m too conventional

I can’t believe that I just got fucking turned down for a bloody marketing job because I was too damn conventional in my thinking. Fuck you! I’m fucking mad. I thought Germans had at least the courtesy to be polite and say something more encouraging when they reject you, but this sucks.

Well, I can’t post this anywhere else, so I’m just going to put this up here, and maybe I should have pulled this little trick out during the interview. At least I know how to get off while these suits probably can’t get laid if they tried.

I really don’t take rejection well. Fucking bastards.

14 thoughts on “I’m too conventional

  1. Dear Francesca, I am very sorry that you were rejected by a German company. Maybe you are too good for them, and they can’t appreciate it.
    I am sure that you are so capable and skilful, and you will find another and better job very quickly, in a company where your work will be valued.

    P.S. the video is very nice, thank you for share it.

    Kisses Tomas

    1. Thanks, Tomas. Fortunately, I do have an interesting job lined up, although this would have been something a lot more creative. I’m sure I’ll eventually land in the right place. xoxo

  2. mmm so sorry that the real You wasn’t seen.. The right job and company is out there and i trust you will find it soon. i hate rejection too for it just dosn’t sit right. i was turned once for not being urban enough.

    1. Thanks, sindee. ‘Urban enough”? I don’t even know what that means. But you’re right, while any rejection stings for a bit, maybe it’s for the better. I’m not worried, I have a bunch of good leads and at least one serious interest. It’ll all work out. xoxo

      1. The job was teaching in some of the “inner city” schools of Chicago. Even tho i came from that background and am a male hispanic i somehow wasn’t “urban” ebough. Like maybe they thought i was more “white priviledged.
        And You are right something bigger and better will be there for you. it turned out good for me.
        Best always

    1. Thanks, Marie. It would have been a very cool gig, but then, I’m sure there many others who have done similar things in the past and just know how to sell themselves better. I don’t exactly have a lot of interview experience. xoxo

  3. So Sorry about the Marketing gig. U seem to have that talent of getting what u want. U can be a very complex woman thats hard to read. i guess thats what makes so exciting. Ur a lot of fun! Kisses Christopher

    1. Thanks, Christopher. I believe that at times, I can be to complex for my own good. I can send very mixed messages, rather than staying with one theme or personality. That’s probably as much the case for my private life as it is for my professional life. xo

    1. Hi Ralph, I think there is something to it. I have this split personality thing where I can be very ‘normal’ and dress conservatively, be a bit shy awkward, and then there is my other side. I haven’t really managed to find a good blend between the two of them. xo

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