OK, let’s get real. From what I’m putting on my blog, in particular the pictures that I’m posting, you must have known that there is another person involved. Well, I have the most wonderful girlfriend who is at least as kinky as I am, but doesn’t carry my emotional baggage or dubious history.

While I was in the US, we didn’t get to see each other very much, certainly not during COVID. We’re not lovers, at least not in the sense of being in a relationship. That doesn’t mean she’s not taking advantage of me from time to time (or maybe I am just so irresistible, lol).

So, if you ever wondered who the lucky guy was taking pictures of videos of me, in all likelihood it’s been her. Not always, but often.

Does that mean I’m into women? Well, yes and no. The men I’ve met were more willing to be the dominant partner, although most of them sucked at it. She’s one of a handful of girls that I’ve ever had sex with. The sex is great, but I’m not really looking for a relationship with other women. None of them were even remotely interested in having me as their sub. In most cases, I didn’t even ask and was happy for some awesome sex.

You’ll never see a picture of her. She’s just not into that. But she does get a kick out of glossing up my latex, taking pictures, helping with bondage and just making sure I look good. So, if I look good, or there is an amazing picture, you can thank her. I certainly do. 🙂

Speaking of pictures, I know that I don’t have to post them. Blogs can live perfectly good lives without having an original picture in every post. But it’s part of what makes me, me. I’m a very visual person. I love beauty. For me, beauty is when I see something and it makes me linger. There are a lot of pictures posted by others that do the trick for me. Devie is one of them (and I could list some many more).

So, when I put my own little list together (remember the ‘anonymous‘ letter) I knew that I had someone to take those pictures. And a few videos, although they aren’t quite as polished.

She does have a very mischievous side to her. Remember the picture where I was in a hotel bar, getting a drink, all polished in my latex dress and gloves? Well, just after I ordered the drink and thought she’d take the picture, she suddenly had this overwhelming urge to use the bathroom.

I was just sitting there hoping that she’d be back in time. We needed two people in the picture, and I needed her to be the third. Now she was gone! And of course, my drink arrived just as she had left. Fuck!!

Without blowing the first task that I had set for myself, I just had to ask this cute guy who was serving me to take a picture with my phone. While he was pouring the drink!! He was a really good sport about it, probably figured that I was trying to make a move on him (which I may still do!) and took an amazing, almost acrobatic, selfie shot while pouring a drink! Boy did he earn his tip!

So, yeah, it’s great to have a girlfriend who is into kinky shit, but shitty when she bails on purpose to embarrass me. Of course, she knows that public humiliation is among the kinks that I get off on. The guy serving me was probably not nearly as hot as I remember, but at the moment, feeling the humiliation growing, he could have asked for anything in return.

Just as a teaser, I have to leave you with a picture, sorry, I’m just still somewhat obsessed with actually having a chance to do things I haven’t done in the US at all. How this picture came about is up for another post.

P.S.: I’m really sorry if my writing seems a little bubbly. I’m not drunk or anything, I just feel like there is so much to say. I could write a book about it. But that wouldn’t be nearly as much fun as posting on a blog.

P.P.S.: I have to look which memes to link this up to, but someone (very little) is calling.