Actually, I should have started out with ‘You get a kick out of my kink’ as a headline. At least it sure seems that way. That I have a kink for latex fashion and restraints is probably not a secret. But fetish? That’s actually an entirely different direction; at least for me.

Let me start with my kink. It makes me feel good. I enjoy it, love to show off in it. It transforms me from a geek into a glamour goddess (come on, we all can exaggerate a bit). And my kink is not limited to the bedroom. Quite the opposite. I love to show off my kink in public – come to think of it, that’s really part of the kick that I get out of my love of latex.

Do I feel in any way that I need latex for sexual purposes, or that it arouses me to the point where I cannot achieve the same thrill without it? Absolutely not. That’s an entirely different kettle of fish. Hint: I really am a bratty submissive.

Back to my kink. There are a gazillion pictures of models in latex gear. Hell, even celebrities have to have at least one latex dress in their wardrobe. To be honest (btw, I hate that phrase, but am too lazy to look for another one), most of them look utterly awful in latex. The problem? They have no idea how to wear it, how to style it, how to walk in it, how to actually be yourself in it.

Most of the times when I wear latex, it’s outdoors. I just love going out in latex, or at least run the risk of being seen in something rather scandalous. That’s what got me into posting more on twitter.

Women in latex just turn on men, and quite often women (thanks Posy!). But only if it’s not sterile, artificial, and without some degree of mystery. Because I’m such a nice person (I’m padding myself on the back) I post a lot of pictures on twitter with just a short text to engage the viewer. A teaser.

Just out of curiosity, I looked up how many impressions my top 20 tweets have gotten — a combined 405,000!! Nobody ever sees my face, so it can’t be because I’m so pretty (we all are). Just like with any kink, it should be fun. In this case, it seems to be a lot of fun for me, as well as the little tweeties who can’t get enough of it.

Did I enjoy latex long before twitter? Of course, it’s been a kink for as long as I remember. It was more curiosity at first but quickly turned into a genuine love affair. So, as I’ve grown up, I’ve embraced my kink much more openly. Could you ever see me sitting in a bar wearing a latex dress, gloves, and enjoying a drink? Yup, if you’re lucky.