Lately, I’ve been posting more on twitter. Not massive amounts, but regularly one or two tweets a day. I would much rather spend time on my blog, but it’s hard to find a good stretch during the day and focus on something meaningful.

Twitter is easy, sort of. But it’s not the same. What I like is getting to know others. Frankly, that’s a more genuine and deeper connection in the blogging world. Probably even more so among the sex blogging community. Some (more than I would have thought) are also on twitter.

It’s nice to exchange some quick DMs with friends who I know, and who know me, from the blogging world. There are also really nice people who have no idea that I’m running a blog – they’re quite endearing.

A lot of bad things are being said about Twitter these days. Fingers crossed, I’ve been able to stay away from it. My sense is that you get what you put out. I only post my own pictures, unless it’s a retweet that I really like. There is always a purpose to it, a few words, a question, and the interaction starts.

Maybe it comes across that I don’t take bullshit. I don’t get dick picks. Not that I would hate it, but they would have to be done really well – like some that are posted regularly on #SinfulSunday.

I tease a lot on Twitter (surely that comes as a shock to anyone who reads this…). It’s fun, light-hearted, and very fleeting. Nobody remembers if I post the same picture twice. I can’t say that I would — unless it’s the beach picture from @purplesGem1.

As tempting as it is to look at numbers, and I have to admit I do, they mean little without purpose. So what’s the purpose? Well, I’ve always had a thing for being myself, respecting others, and making the world just a little bit happier. As long as I’m getting a sense that I’m staying true to my own values, it’s great fun.

With that in mind, I do have to post a dick-pick. (You can tell I’m a deeply sexually frustrated woman right now!). Don’t be offended, if it’s not a dick, it’s a clit.

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