Will you be my Sugar Daddy?

You may wonder why I am looking for a Sugardaddy. You’re right, that would make me a Sugarbaby, someone who gets money in return for spending time, caring, and enjoying life together with a wealthy person.

The question for you, though, is not why I am very comfortable being a Sugar Baby. The real question is whether you are ready to be my Sugar Daddy. If you are not interested in spoiling me beyond belief, adoring me, and letting me paper you with everything I have in return, don’t bother reading any further.

I give you a moment to think about it. Think some more.

Good, you’re still here.

I like to cut right to the chase. So, let me spell out what I give and what I want. After all, this should be a mutually beneficial arrangement. Best to be up-front from the beginning, right?

Having a dream woman showing her affection in public requires a man who is confident enough to be in the spotlight. The envy of his friends, and likely everyone watching. You are secure in yourself, you revel in the knowledge of being my Sugar Daddy.

You take me to the opera; buy me a dress that takes your breath away. Going out for dinner, you don’t start below a 2-Star Michelin rated restaurant. I will wear any outfit, clothes, lingerie, and jewelry that you wish. It has to be appropriate for our dinner.

Of course, you have the means to ensure I have no need to occupy myself with logistics – wherever we meet, wherever we go, you make the arrangements from door-to-door. Make no mistake, I don’t travel on the cheap. I need a sufficient allowance to surprise you when we meet. Sometimes with my elegance, at other times with my audacious and unabashed display of femininity.

To be your dream Sugar Baby, you will provide me with an allowance that affords me a lifestyle deserving of being all yours. You will ensure I have the means for a personal trainer to remain in impeccable shape. You will also want to take care of regular spa treatments to enjoy my porcelain-like skin.

Remember, I do all this for you. Whenever we meet, I want it to be perfect. I want to be the partner you deserve. After a lifetime of hard work, you deserve to enjoy the finer sides of life. You deserve to have a Sugar Baby just for yourself. I want to be your Sugar Baby. Yours alone.

Just imagine, at the end of your successful career, you are still youthful enough to satisfy the right woman. Life has passed you by too fast. You have money but feel awkward approaching younger women. I understand how that can feel. You don’t want to hire a prostitute or even an escort who sees hundreds of men at the same time. No, that’s not for you. You have to much class to be satisfied by a person you have to share with others.

Of course, you could afford it, but it’s not your style. You want someone who genuinely cares for you; who will listen, give you advice, or just be there to comfort you. You want a woman who lives independently; who looks after herself and cherishes every moment with her Sugar Daddy.

When you are my Sugar Daddy, you make your dreams come true. I will be by your side when you need me; when you want me. You will be the center of my life. There will be no other. I’m exclusively yours.

Of course, there may already be thousands of men, and quite a few women, who lust after me. But they don’t know me. Nobody has seen my face, nobody will recognize me. Some may see us and wonder, but only you will know for sure. The thrill of having a trophy that others can only dream; the rush of emerging from the crowd and being the one who holds her; all this is what you want. You don’t settle for second best.

We will have sex; together. I have my needs and you have your needs. I don’t want you to hire an escort when you feel the urge to fuck someone. I want to be there when you have sex, watch you, maybe join in. Yes, you should have sex with any woman or man you want. I will be there with you. You will also provide for a play partner for me. Our tastes don’t have to be the same, our needs can be very different. In the end, sex cannot keep us apart. It will unite us.

You see, our age difference does not matter. You may be older than me, but we can still be the perfect pair. With me by your side, you will become the perfect Sugar Daddy. If this is you, write in the comments why we would be perfect together. Be discreet, but persuasive. You will not be the only one who wants me.


10 thoughts on “Will you be my Sugar Daddy?

    1. Nope, that’s the fiction part. 😉 For the right Sugar Mommy, I may even take a different approach to our shared sex life.

  1. what a great advertisement for a sweet relationship–even if fictional, for now. I love your writing as so definite, so straightforward (even kinky), and so inviting imaginary competition for your Sugary Being from Sugar Daddies, Sugar Mommy’s, maybe Sugar Couples.

    1. Well……I don’t exactly have a Suga Daddy, but I have ‘friends’ who are very kind to me….😏

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