Trinity in the Matrix – #SinfulSunday

Ever since The Matrix came out, Trinity has been one of my most loved movie heroines. I just love everything about her. I also often feel that our world isn’t real, we’re all just puppets in a bigger game that someone is playing.

I’m sure we all would love to be able to bend space and time to our will. Call me crazy, but when I have dreams about flying and just levitating, they are so real, I can’t believe reality is different. Yes, I truly believe that our minds are capable of bending space, overcoming gravity, and shaping the world to our will.

And then, of course, she has such badass outfits, I’m in love. Her trenchcoat alone sends me into ecstasy, and knowing that she wears latex underneath is just pushing me over the top.

So, for this #SinfulSunday, I’m trying to be like Trinity.

Sinful Sunday

22 thoughts on “Trinity in the Matrix – #SinfulSunday

    1. Hi, not really, mostly because I’m German and while I can write reasonably well (that seems to be common for non-native speakers) when I speak, I have a very heavy German accent. The only people who have approached me were ones that promised I wouldn’t have to do any talking….

    1. Thanks, it is a great coat. Goes everywhere I go (except in the current heatwave!). Glad you liked the picture. xo

    1. It kind of was a tight rope, never thought of it that way, but it’s a good perspective. xoxo

  1. There seems to be a new piece of latex appearing in my partners wardrobe every week during lockdown, boredom is getting expensive *laughs

    1. Thanks, Devie! It’s a great coat – totally innocent, but kind of naughty. All depends on what goes with it…xoxo

    1. I’m convinced we’re living in a Matrix-like world. Not sure we’re just batteries, but I’m certain that we have the ability to shape our own environment. ….and body 😊

      1. The Bostrom Theory has merit but then we’d only affect the simulation and I don’t get what purpose simulating the current world would serve. I do like the Church-Turing-Deutsch principle and Deutsch’s infinity of knowledge, but don’t see why an advanced intelligence would divert resources from research rather than simulating alternate history.

          1. The Turing thesis says that reality can be simulated with arbitrary precision. Some people think that computing power will increase exponentially and result in many simulations, so odds are we aren’t living in reality prime, but a simulation as the argument goes.

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