The De Mont Code #SinfulSunday

The Da Vinci Code. You’ve either read it, seen the movie, or heard others talk about it. Well, what you haven’t heard is De Mont Code. Why? Because It is a secret my family has passed down over centuries.

Just like the Da Vinci Code, I’m still in search of its true meaning. Little things everyone else overlooks; never believing in accidents. If there is a door, there must be a reason. Ambiguity invites suspicion. Suspicion triggers hopes and fears. Whether writing or creating an image, nothing is the way it first appears. It’s been like this ever since I heard of the De Mont Code.

My pen name is Francesca. A common Italian name from the Latin root for ‘Frenchman’. The other part of my pen name is Demont, or ‘de mont’, French for ‘from the hill’. So, my name really means Frenchman from the hill. All attempts to track down this mysterious ‘Frenchman’ have failed. Maybe you can help – you’re all a clever bunch.

I tracked it down to the picture below, that’s where the trail went cold.

Sinful Sunday

16 thoughts on “The De Mont Code #SinfulSunday

  1. You are very gifted with your visions, your creativity, your kinkiness, and your playfulness. Great foundation for a Book of Codes and Clues to find the De Mont treasure. Beautiful erotic hint of what is really going on under and behind the scenes with the real, earthy, gutsy One and his Submissive. I hope you create more teachings about the De Mont Code a la Francesca.

  2. This is really clever Francesca and I love the way that you have laced intrigue through your write up. I am definitely interested to read the book 😊

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