What size is your dick?

The perfect size. I’m not just saying that out of political correctness. In fact, I have my preferences, but they are surely not the same for everyone. All I know is that cocks are high in demand. Hell, why else are strap-ons so popular? Whether it’s natural or not, it seems to me that everyone should have one.

Which brings me to the picture below. I’m sure some of my readers will be appalled by it. But don’t run away, let me explain and convinced you.

This may be the most famous fresco in the world. Da Vinci’s Last Supper in Milan. Surely you have seen it, read about its mysteries, who is male, or perhaps female, and on and on.

But what almost everyone overlooks, unless you go there in person, is the painting of a large door right underneath the table where the last supper is held. So, I wondered, why the door? It’s of course not a real door, just part of the giant fresco on the wall.

Back to my point. I’m not into religion and theology, but Da Vinci wouldn’t have done anything by accident. So, what’s the purpose? Maybe to make us think what goes on underneath the table. Putting two and two together, if I was going to spend my last supper with a bunch of men, when I really love all humans, I’d really appreciate having my cock sucked.

Now, that’s a bit controversial to paint; thus the door. I think.

Back to cocks. What size is good for what? These are obviously my personal views and yours may differ. So here we go.

Anal sex. Unless you’re a real expert, you want to go easy. Imagine your partner has huge cock, and by huge I mean girth, not length. Well, then you’re kind of fucked. Pun intended. Anal sex can be painful at first until muscles begin to relax, you figure out how much lubricant you need (more than you think), and your partner realizes what you’re doing for him. Now imagine a nice hard cock, but a smaller girth. Probably below average. Maybe even a bit on the short side. It still does the same thing in stimulating the nerves around your arse but is not nearly as intimidating. So if that’s you, take advantage of it!

Now if you’re an expert and really into it, then you can size up. Whether that’s natural, or he uses a strap-on, doesn’t really matter. You may like it either way.

Vaginal sex. Good sex is about skill. Understanding her body, how she responds or doesn’t. Many women don’t easily, or never, reach orgasm just by being penetrated by a dick. The size may not make any difference if that’s the case. There is probably a reason why our bodies are built to have a lot of room for growth. That’s how we procreate as a species after all.

Just like with anal sex, the action is really in front, and not 8 inches inside the pussy. A huge cock may be a big visual turn on, and the feeling of being stretched, even taken hard can be amazing. But it doesn’t make for a better orgasm. Personally, I always help out. If I want an orgasm, I make sure he stays hard, and I get what I want. If his cock hits the right spot (I’m a big G-spot fan), great, but otherwise, there is no shame in using your own hands to guide him or provide that little bit of extra support.

Oral sex. So this is an area where I am not your typical consumer. Let me start with the visual. I have tiny hands. So for me, even a cock that is smaller tends to be too big to wrap my hand around fully. When it gets to big, my hands are a bit useless for him. But they come in very handy ( 😉) to take charge of his cock and keep it in the right position. Also, don’t neglect his balls. Just lift them up a sit from time to time to mix it up.

Most woman do blow jobs using their hands on the shaft (again, remember the lubrication!!) and the work on his tip. Few men have a head that’s too large for oral sex. That’s great. It’s also great to have a shaft that’s long enough to work with hands and mouth together. For him, trust me on this one, he can’t tell how far you take him in when you use your hands as an extension of your mouth. So what does that mean? Well, I like them big, because of the variety they offer. And since I’m going to be looking at his cock, a nice piece of meat just turns me on more. Gotta be honest.

Deepthroat: I’ve put this into a separate category. Oral sex does not have to make you gag. But if you want to give him a real treat, then go for it. Taking his cock beyond where your gag reflex kicks in is really a matter of commitment. If you’re shy, just waiting to gag, then you’ll never get there. You really have to want it. So this is an area that is not up to him. You make the call. Sometimes you may feel like it, at other times you don’t. A smaller cock is still large enough to reach the back of your throat. It it’s not, he’s out of luck.

I love going deep. It’s almost a challenge to take everything he’s got. And once you’re beyond the gag reflex, it really doesn’t matter so much how big he is. A huge girth will still fir down your throat, you may just be a bit sore afterwards. But it’s amazing how much you’ll be able to take, if you just want it. Since you’re mostly doing this for him, size almost doesn’t matter for all intents and purposes. He’ll be happy to have a partner who’s willing to give it a try.

Handjobs: Whatever his size, this one depends on your skills. There are many tricks to make his dick stand out more and make it seems at least an inch longer than it looks. Cocks don’t start where they emerge from his, hopefully well-chiseled, body. A good part is inside and by pushing your fingers deep around his base into his body, his cock actually gets bigger. It also helps to keep his hard – think of it as a cock ring. Just you’re in charge and can control how tight to make it and how deep to push.

Two hands are your friend. Change it up, whether he’s small or large, what makes him cum is your ability to read what feels good. Even better if there is good communication, but most guys want you to think that it all feels great. It doesn’t. So, mix it up, see how he responds, and don’t think that going fast is always better. Think of his cock as his clit. Start out gentle, tease it, a single finger, or fingernail, can work miracles.

Not all guys will come from a hand job. Some have their particular spots and rhythm that makes them cum. You may not know that. Just like you should help out if necessary when his cock doesn’t to the trick for your pussy, he should do the same for his cock. You’re no mind-reader. If bigger better? It’s more fun, gives you more options, but really doesn’t make a difference.

Of course, you can always combine any and all of the above. Just remember, once he’s entered your backdoor, make sure he’s clean before switching over to your pussy. 😘

This post was inspired by @pjawoode. I owe him my thoughts on this subject.


17 thoughts on “What size is your dick?

    1. Thanks, yes, nothing that others haven’t said before, but some parts with a little twist. Glad you liked it. xo

  1. Francesca, another thoughtful reflection: specific, imaginative, and compassionate. Great reminder that each person’s physical equipment combined with their mutual communication and active listening makes for great pleasurable sex. Have you thought of yourself as a humane sexuality educator? I hope the sun is shining on you both and the moon is watching over you. xoxo

    1. Thanks! Yes, the moon is shining a bit brighter these days. It reminds me of all the joys of the human body. xoxo

  2. Some great pointers, although I would say the best thing is the enthusiasm of a partner that wants to pleasure you no matter your skill level. Getting to know someone’s special desires works too, learning about what their body wants 🙂

    1. I agree, without the enthusiasm, even skills become dull. As with so many things, communications and the willingness to listen and learn can’t be replaced. xoxo

  3. Great post Francesca and I love that image – personally if Jesus was at that table i’d like to be under there sucking his dick – but that is just too naughty to think about!!
    May xx

    1. Thanks, Marie. When I was in Milan and saw it in person, it was the first time that I realized the door right under the table. Da Vinci couldn’t possibly have put it there for no reason. That’s when my mind started going down the gutter… xoxo

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