Month: July 2020

Fetish Fiction

Will you be my Sugar Daddy?

You may wonder why I am looking for a Sugardaddy. You’re right, that would make me a Sugarbaby, someone who gets money in return for spending time, caring, and enjoying life together with a wealthy person. The question for you, though, is not why I am very comfortable being a Sugar Baby. The real question […]

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Fetish Fiction Latex

Trinity in the Matrix – #SinfulSunday

Ever since The Matrix came out, Trinity has been one of my most loved movie heroines. I just love everything about her. I also often feel that our world isn’t real, we’re all just puppets in a bigger game that someone is playing. I’m sure we all would love to be able to bend space […]

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Fetish Francesca Latex Travel

Kink-inspiring Hotels #NSFW

What the fuck makes a hotel ‘kink-inspiring’? Well, that’s a really good question and I’m trying to give my personal opinions here. You will not find any of these on your typical list of kink-themed hotels. Quite to the contrary, most of them are very upscale hotels; something that actually makes being naughty all the […]

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Francesca Latex Travel

Breathe and stay kinky

There are a thousand reasons to feel depressed. And there is just one reason to stay kinky. It’s so easy to get swept up in daily news, madness, insanity, and genuine human tragedy. This will continue for a while. Trying to keep up with it, to think that it will all be different tomorrow, is […]

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Francesca Non-Fiction Travel

The De Mont Code #SinfulSunday

The Da Vinci Code. You’ve either read it, seen the movie, or heard others talk about it. Well, what you haven’t heard is De Mont Code. Why? Because It is a secret my family has passed down over centuries. Just like the Da Vinci Code, I’m still in search of its true meaning. Little things […]

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Francesca Opinion Travel

What size is your dick?

The perfect size. I’m not just saying that out of political correctness. In fact, I have my preferences, but they are surely not the same for everyone. All I know is that cocks are high in demand. Hell, why else are strap-ons so popular? Whether it’s natural or not, it seems to me that everyone […]

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