There it is, my favorite place it the world. Claude Monet’s garden in Giverny. Mid-May, also happens to be Mothers Day, and a glorious late afternoon. Time to get kinky.

I write a lot about my kinks, but the occasions when I feel fully immersed in them, are rare. When they do happen, and just about everything is perfect, it’s a feeling of bliss like no other.

The place, the vibes, the opportunity, and the adrenaline all in one. That’s when I’m happy. The place, well, it was Giverny, exactly a year ago. There is something magical about seeing Monet’s garden in the springtime. Getting there, the tree-lined streets are everything a French country-side landscape should look like. Tiny towns and narrow streets.

His, Claude Monet’s, house and garden are barely visible from the street. We park just a few hundred yards away from the entrance. I had dressed in the hotel back in Paris. The temperatures were cool enough to wear a coat over my outfit without causing any alarm.

This was my day. For me to do what I love. Out in the open, the risk of getting ‘caught’, the public display. Humiliation and exhilaration become one. Now we just need to get to my favorite spot.

Past the entrance, we head straight for the tunnel that leads underneath the road to the lily pond. The Chinese bridge, the willows, the path around the pond where he had years of inspiration for his paintings. Now it’s my time to blend into the landscape.

It’s off season, still too early for the tourists and just a regular weekday. A good chance that we will find a corner for ourselves. I’ll need it. I went all out with my outfit. Just the ride in the case was an experience in joy. Encased in my catsuit, corset, harness, just about everything my fetish dreams are made of.

Coming out on the other side of the tunnel is always like entering an different world. A magical place. Full of exotic flowers, the intoxicating beauty of his pond, the water lilies. His paintings are a work of art, and so is his garden.

We find a place. Far in the back, away from the last remaining guests. Time for me to be me. Off comes the coat; I take a deep breath. A few shots to get the light and background right. This should be a picture, memories, for the ages.

I have this feeling of joy, happiness, pure pleasure. It comes from the serenity that surrounds me. The beauty of the place, the freedom to be me, the joy to experience what few others have.

We don’t have long before the garden closes. Every minute I get to spend here is pure pleasure. The rest of the world disappears, worries are forgotten, only the moment counts. That’s what I came here for.

Now I look back and I get the same feeling. Once pleasure is so pure where it rises to a new level, it does’t fade. It’s forever part of me. Not something to miss, but something to draw on. Part of what makes me stronger, more confident, and happy.

Others may have kinks like mine, but most don’t see the beauty in it. Theirs is a momentary joy, temporary freedom, often part of their sex life. For me, it’s who I am. The experiences, the memories are ones I will always associate with moments of pure pleasure. The awakening of springtime, the coming of the new season.

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