Dreaming of Giverny

I was in Giverny last summer, the home of Claude Monet (he’s dead…). The short trip out of Paris does nothing to prepare for the visit to his garden. Unfortunately, I had to be very ‘decent’ when I was there.

Now with the lock-down, I’m frankly trying to spend my time doing something useful. So I figured, if I couldn’t be naughty while I was there, maybe I could do something now.

Since I’m just beginning to learn to work with picture editing, I tried my luck at placing myself into one of Monet’s pictures. Let me just say that this is simply an attempt to learn new skills. I would never expose myself indecently in an area where there are children.

As you can see, I’m far from perfect, but I thought there was a sense of reality to this picture. Locked inside, I needed to get out to a place I love. Even if only by in my dreamlike world.

Sinful Sunday

32 thoughts on “Dreaming of Giverny

    1. It truly is an amazing place. Wished I could take more fun pictures there. But even the regular ones are quite amazing. 😘

    1. Thanks! It only took me several hours of figuring out how to do it, but then, it took me quite a bit of effort to get into the corset dress! xoxo

    1. I’m glad that you see some innocence in the picture! I haven’t had a chance to wear the corset dress out yet, so I just have to do it through my imagination. (Problem is that the waist does not bend…)

  1. You’ve just added more beauty to Monet’s garden and paintings. I was there just about exactly one year ago. The gardens are wonderful and then we saw the huge wall size paintings of the garden in Paris too. Very creative blending of two incredible talents: Monet’s and yours, Francesca. I hope this is just the first of your creative blending! C’est tre’s magnifique!

    1. I was there in June of last year. I didn’t get to see his paintings in Paris, although I can’t imagine them being more impressive than his gardens themselves. Glad you enjoyed the blend of talents (though mine can’t compete with his). xoxo

    1. Thanks, Annie, I was worried about blending my dress into artwork (although I took the picture myself and it’s only of a poster). xo

  2. This is a magnificent edit. I think the world being as crazy as it is becoming part of a painting sounds like the perfect escape. Now I’m conjuring up ideas of jumping into chalk paintings like Mary Poppins!

    1. One of the books I recently found was about a little girl jumping into famous paintings and then telling the story of the picture. I feel like that little girl now. xoxo

  3. I would say this i picture perfect. Glad you could step into his garden. You get the Elliott Award for best photo this week, Franchesca! (I’ll bet that little girl liked your outfit)

    1. I’m so honored! Really, that’s a very nice thing to say (or write, or give out). I wonder what happened to that little girl as she grew up….. xoxo

      1. I just made this award up and you are the first recipient. I too wondered about that little girl, don’t know much about Claude, Manet was more of a fave of mine, don’t know if he had children.

        I am including your photo in my SS post today and didn’t ask permission. Let me know if you want me to take down. How are your first days in your new digs?

    1. Thanks, Molly! That was half planned, half accident. I only realized her amazement after it was done. I had never really looked at her facial expression that closely before. xoxo

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