I was in Giverny last summer, the home of Claude Monet (he’s dead…). The short trip out of Paris does nothing to prepare for the visit to his garden. Unfortunately, I had to be very ‘decent’ when I was there.

Now with the lock-down, I’m frankly trying to spend my time doing something useful. So I figured, if I couldn’t be naughty while I was there, maybe I could do something now.

Since I’m just beginning to learn to work with picture editing, I tried my luck at placing myself into one of Monet’s pictures. Let me just say that this is simply an attempt to learn new skills. I would never expose myself indecently in an area where there are children.

As you can see, I’m far from perfect, but I thought there was a sense of reality to this picture. Locked inside, I needed to get out to a place I love. Even if only by in my dreamlike world.

Sinful Sunday