I love b&w photography. Most of my pictures are in b&w and my attention is captured longer by the emotions expressed in those pictures. But these days, locked in my four walls for longer than I can count, I need some color in my life. I’m thinking of taking up painting, at least over m b&w pictures.

I’ find myself playing around, mostly to get out of the daily routine of listening to the news and seeing friends only via Zoom. There is, regrettable, no end in sight. And when there is a change, I’ll be the last one to run outside and enjoy my new-found freedom. That’s just me. I’m the cautious one.

In the meantime, I’m turning my little apartment into a different place. No surprise visitors, so I hang up pictures that I would never display otherwise. Some of the pictures from this blog, but mostly pictures that show much more. Pictures of faces, of people, laughing, crying, young and old. Pictures of the way life should be. Colorful.

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Sinful Sunday