You’d think I’d be busy enough for two people. In a way, I am. That’s probably why I need some reminiscing, some new stimulation, some breaks from the monotony of being locked inside my apartment.

The person who has taken many of my pictures spends probably more time on the post-editing than the actual photoshoots. It’s always been a mystery to me. What starts out as an unimpressive picture, ends up looking fabulous when it’s done.

Now I got my hands on Adobe Lightroom Classic to as part of attending classes on a virtual basis. Of course, I didn’t use the various Adobe packages for their intended purposes. I wanted to figure out how to express more emotions through the pictures I have.

I have no idea when I will get back to doing photo shoots with someone who has the right equipment, can do the post-editing, and make me look, well, better than I really look. It’s not about my looks though I appreciate a good photo.

I’ve only dipped my toes into the gazillion features and may well have to give up my license before I have gotten any good at it. But it’s a great little diversion. An escape from the depressing reality around me.

Whether in Manhattan, in the UK, Germany, or for that matter anywhere else in the world, this is not a good time.

I love black and white; it brings out nuances, character. Right now, though, I do need some color, something different. The way reality isn’t. Yes, it’s an illusion that photography can create. A memory of events, of images, that one day may replace reality.

The beauty, though, is that reality is what our brains believe. It’s reality to us. So one day, when I look back at this period, I hope to remember the bright sides, the generosity, the bravery. My personal journey.

If we believe that this is what the world was like when we most needed it, then perhaps, just perhaps, we can create a better reality in the future. Now excuse me, looking at the shiny latex turns me out like hell and maybe it does the same for @PosyChurchgate.