Francesca’s First #SOSS

I haven’t had nearly as much time to read and comment as I would have liked, but here are a few of my favorites:

Bright ‘n Light by @RebelsNotes. I just love the curves and how she uses the light to hint at what’s not seen and accentuate what is there. Gorgeous picture!

At Last, by @Bluesubmission is also a phenomenal shot. The tempting body covered in sunlight with the hint of a smile on the barely visible face. Amazing.@francescademont

Arse up…. by @The_Artful_Muse is another one of those enticing pictures. Blunt, shameless, in your face, and yet engaging, provocative, and tasteful. Love it.

It’s a modest start, I’ll have to find more time to do justice to more amazing people. My apologies to all who I overlooked. Blame lack of time and sleep.

To round it out, I have to include my personal favorite (one more time)….

2 thoughts on “Francesca’s First #SOSS

    1. I have a real soft spot for beautiful curves and the subtle shadows they throw. This one just hit the spot. xoxo

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