This post goes back a few years. Early on during my Escort time, I was curious to learn more about the sex industry. Alyssia was my Escort name. I knew what my clients were looking for only scratched the surface of what’s feasible. To be a good sub, I was curious to see how a professional Mistress works. I didn’t have to wait long.

Natalia! is probably among the best-known rubber Mistresses in Europe. It’s her lifestyle. It’s even her real name – Natalia Mühlhausen. She’s been in the scene, virtually since its beginning. Her fetish photos by Jo Hammar are legendary. By the time I checked out her website, I had already met her at various fetish fairs and knew a lot about her extreme style. Water sport was what we talked about several times. She wanted to know my thoughts, how comfortable I was with it. How I felt about catheters, etc.

She’s always looking for new talent. New ‘slaves’ who can join her in sessions with her clients, to live out every fantasy. She herself is always the Mistress; touching is OK, but no intercourse. Her ‘slaves’ are actually more assistants. Both submissive, but also assisting her in some of the dominant aspects.

For what she does, it often takes two.

Out of curiosity, I contacted her and we hit it off. She even remembered me from a recent event, where we briefly spoke. I was impressed.

The appointment was in Hamburg, the client was extremely submissive and she needed an assistant. She filled me in on as much as she could but kept anything of a personal nature private. She is probably one of the most professional Mistresses I have ever come across.

Her clients asked for forced urine filling. This is not an easy undertaking. On Natalia!’s part, she had to have the necessary medical supplies. My job was to drink as much as possible and hold it. He had to be able to swallow the feeding tube without any assistance.

The Feeding – Water Sport

It almost goes without saying that he is fully sealed in rubber. Natalia! straps a breath-through gag around his head and pulls it tight. He lies with his back on the bed, latex sheets protect against any spills. He really wants this, although when Natalia! begins to feed the tube through his gag, he begins to struggle.

She tells me to straddle his head, keep it tight between my thighs. My pussy is exposed, letting him barely breathe through the small nostril openings in his mask. I can tell his struggle for air is real. By now, though, Natalia! is completely focused. She knows what her client wants and he is going to get it.

I want to give him more air, but she pushes me down with my pussy covering his face. His face had always been covered by a rubber mask from the moment I joined them. I never saw his face. The objectification of her client is just adding to my excitement. Keeping my bladder from leaking prematurely is becoming a real challenge. But, I don’t dare disappoint Natalia!.

The feeding tube is slowly gliding deeper and deeper through the gag past his esophagus into his intestine. She gives me the sign to stand up and come to her side. Now it’s my turn to get tubed-up.

I expected to be pissing in a funnel, but Natalia! had other plans. She shows me the other end of the tube and it’s a catheter! There is not much talking going on. She expects me to respond to her commands, most of them were unspoken.

With a bit of lubricant, she inserts the end into my urethra. I see the bulb that is going to be blown up later to prevent the catheter from sliding out. She is good. I think she was a nurse at some point in her career. I only feel a slight pinching sensation before the catheter slides into my bladder.

Some urine flows down the tube but stops where a small valve keeps it from flowing any further. She quickly pumps up the small bulb that is now inside my bladder and prevents the catheter from sliding out. Then she positions me standing right above her client. Legs spread.

He wants to see me. He wants to see how my urine flows into his stomach with neither me nor him having any control over what is happening. Only Natalia! decides when to open the valve, for how long, and how much to make him take tonight.

I keep drinking water as she empties my first load. My bladder empties faster than I thought. Perhaps a minute before only a trickle comes down the tube. But he is nowhere near done.

While he takes my first load, I finish a one-liter bottle. Natalia! turns off the valve and works on his cock. She gets him nice and hard. A condom over his cock and she instructs me to ride him. He is strapped down, unable to move.

I’m in a forward cowgirl position, taking his cock deep inside my pussy. I never had a catheter in me while riding a cock. An amazing, new, sensation. I got off on the moment and almost make him come. Natalia! stops me just in time.

He is not going to come until she is pleased with the amount of urine I’m feeding him.

This cycle repeats over and over. The second bottle of water, definitely a third, and perhaps more. When my bladder is full, he is my toilet, I am his feeder. That’s his kink.

His belly is now visibly full of my urine. Natalia! is harsh with him. She is working not only on his cock but also preparing his ass for a good fisting. Everything has to come together. The way Natalia! wants this scene to end is for me to ride him one last time, his stomach virtually bursting, while she massages his prostate with her full hand.

I have to come on her command. She can tell when he is about to come. We both work him hard, I have to hold back and not come myself. Then Natalia! gives me the countdown. My pussy is squeezing his hard cock. I’m milking him as hard as I can until he finally erupts in a fantastic orgasm.

My job is done. He spends the rest of the night under Natalia!’s control. I’m released, she removes the catheter and I get dressed, then leave. To this day, I have no idea who was forced to swallow my warm piss. It was also the last time I worked with Nathalia! (Though she keeps asking how I like water sports 😊)