I love curves. Unfortunately, before I became pregnant, my body was more of a straight shot. I didn’t have too much of a bum, cute c-cups, and a bit of a waist. My body was always very narrow and petite.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, but after a while, petite would like to grow up. I had toyed with the idea of breast implants for years. It never felt quite right though. Why would I do this when there was nothing wrong with my body.

Even though c-cups are not bad, they never gave me the contours that I was looking for. I did have one thing going for myself. My middle was very ‘squishable’. Now, I’m not sure that’s a word, but when I tried on my first corset, I was amazed at the transformation of my body. All of a sudden, my waist was not just smaller, but a LOT smaller!

I could without much effort lace down from a 25″ waist to a 20″ waist. That changed everything. Now my hips were all of a sudden more pronounced, my legs seemed more proportional, and my chest looked bigger. I was in love.

That was a few years ago. I don’t wear my corsets very frequently, but I love to put one on for photoshoots. They turn a ‘flat’ body into a curvy one. One, that I want to touch myself. So much so, that I want to lace tighter and tighter. Not for the small waist itself, but for the curves extending out toward my hips in particular.

To me, there is nothing more erotic than having hands glide over my chest, feel the tightness around my waist, and then sway outward over my hips. It’s an obsession at this point.

While my smallest corset is 18 inches, and for a short period, I can lace it up completely, I would be just as happy with a bigger body. The love of curves is not about how small my waist is. It’s entirely about the flow of the lines.

When I see another woman with curves, I get envious. She can be large, small, or anything in between. None of it matters. It’s all about the lines she creates when I look at her. The mere thought of running my hands over her body turns me on.

As much as I love the curves from a narrow waist to an extended hip, those are not the only curves I love. Becoming pregnant, seeing my belly extend, and feeling how my curves began to turn the other way was just as exciting. I was thrilled when my body expended.

The feeling of having a bar of soap in my hand, taking a hot shower, and gliding gently from just below my tits over the extending belly was a new and amazingly erotic experience. I realized that my obsession was with the turn of the body. The was it changed shapes, From narrow to wide; from wide to narrow. It actually didn’t matter which way.

I can’t be pregnant forever (though the thought occurred to me), so my body is now beginning to settle back into its former shape. It’s not the same, and I don’t know when it will be. My love for curves, though, won’t ever disappear.

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