A new phase starts – #SinfulSunday

As some of you may know, my baby bump has finally come to see the light of day. For the next days, weeks, or however long it may take, I’ll be a bit less active than I had been. There is a lot on this blog that is worth re-reading. So, for this #sinfulsunday, I had prepared a little video with images, from this blog and some others.

Enjoy the video – it’s a little over three minutes. If you like an image, chances are there is a blog entry that goes along with it. I won’t disappear, just have a little more things to look after than I used to.

Love you all, Francesca

Sinful Sunday

24 thoughts on “A new phase starts – #SinfulSunday

  1. I guess its late? You are just a stunning woman! I love the bath shots with the headgear on. I laughed which is probably inappropriate! The see through is lovely. Your nipples are perfect. I wish mine had been like that when I was young. Ahhhhhh well..Rex loves mine as they are. I mustn’t complain! Beautiful post Francesca!

    1. It’s a good thing I’m catching up with comments in reverse order, lol! Yes, most of it is latex. Now that you say it, I had to laugh at the bath shots as well. When they are as a video, they are a lot more sensual than just two eyes looking from behind the screen. As for the nipples, he better love yours as they are. We wouldn’t want to point out how small his nipples are by comparison 😉

  2. Stunning ! Such a beautiful meditation on the visuals that partially represent you. Like the video I see you are changing , growing, and engaging your world in continuously creative ways. You have such a beautiful spirit, mind, and body. Your little one is blessed to have you as their dominant sub. I hope you have people who’ll support your birthing. I am pretty sure your blogging community is surrounding you with love and blessings. xoxo

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I was trying to figure out what I could do before little bump would take up most of my time. This seemed appropriate. A sort of journey through my blogging time. The entire community has been great, and I have been really fortunate with the rl support so far. I’ll probably slow down after a while, but for now, I have plenty of help. Eventually, I’ll find the right balance of being a dominant sub, I’m not sure I’m quite there yet. xoxo

  3. The first few weeks are amazing and at times challenging too. Your hormones will be all over the place and this tiny baby is dependent on you. The responsibility can be overwhelming but remember when you have those moments of uncertainty, you can do this.

    Take care of Baby D and yourself ❤

    Sweetgirl x

    1. That’s why I hope to get back to writing. Spelling out what I want, even if it’s in frustration, has been an amazing way to sort out my own emotions from what I really want. My head can be a mess, I’ll try not to pass it on more than necessary. Thanks for all you love and care! xoxoxo

  4. A gorgous montage! I am full of awe and envy.

    As for parenting, I’ll say what most won’t – some of it is really shit! If you can be honest and open about that, and look after yourself when it is, you have a better chance of doing a good job. Good luck.

    1. Thanks for the advice. It’s funny that besides you, only my OBGYN said the same thing. She keeps telling me that I can’t be a good mother if I’m a mess myself. Get sleep, eat healthy, get back to exercising, don’t use baby as an excuse not to do the things that I need to do for myself. There will be enough compromises along the way. So, I already have my goals set 🙂

  5. I am so very happy for you that you are finally holding your little bump. There’s so much to discover, and every day is just so special. Once more, congratulations, Francesca, and cherish the little one in your arms.

    Rebel xox

    1. Thanks, Rebel, you’re so right. I’m still at the stage where I’m counting the number of diaper changes. That’s my time-scale for the moment. Best is when I’m in my rocking chair and he is nursing. Nothing better in the world (and he doesn’t have teeth yet!). xoxo

  6. Oh Francesca, don’t let a little thing like a baby bump keep you away, think of the new photographic possibilities. But we are all rooting for you and little baby, whatever you decide.
    I enjoyed your video, thank you.

    1. Thanks, Elliott. Glad you enjoyed the little video. Little bump has a funny way of making it very clear when he wants attention. Maybe if you would scream like a baby I’d devote more attention to you as well. 🙂

    1. I’m just coming from looking at a beautiful image myself – but it’s not an image I’ll be posting. ☺ Glad you enjoyed the pictures. xoxo

  7. Hope this is a great time for you in this new season. As a parent of four, there are lots of ups and downs, but it’s the best life you could hope for. And even with kids, let the kink live on! We’ll all miss you until your return! Here’s to latex, baby bumps and the best life has to offer!!

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