Goddess Francesca – #Findom #MasturbationMonday

Financial Domination. You know what it is, you asked for it. The feeling of giving up control turns you on. For you, it’s not control over your cock, it’s not being locked up. No, you want to go further.

You want a Goddess. Serving a strong woman who will control every part of your life. That’s what you want, isn’t it? Well, guess what? You’re lucky. For a short time, I accept applications from pay pigs like yourself. It’s entirely up to you how far we take this.

Maybe you want to start out with a small weekly tribute. Knowing that you send your Goddess a regular tribute establishes our power structure. You begin to think about me. Start saving money, so that you can make your regular tributes.

After a while, if you prove to be a reliable slave, I will allow you to go further. The weekly tributes are the foundation of my power over you. Then I want you to think about me all the time. You will give me information about you; information that gives me more power over your life.

There is no blackmail involved. I want to know your financial details. Tell me how much money you spend each week. What do you spend it on, why? Every time you spend money, even if it is your rent, I want you to think about why you are not sending the money to me.

Do you need an apartment that has a spare bedroom? Why make car payments when you could send more money to your Goddess. But this isn’t about giving me money, really. This is about giving yourself to me. To your Goddess. Not because I ask, but because that is what you want.

Would you do that for someone you adore? Someone who is so superior to you? Someone, who you only dream of meeting, knowing that it can never happen? I’m sure you would.

You know me. I’m real, not some quick fix on the internet. You want me to tell you what to do. Where to put your money, how much to send me. I don’t need your money, it means nothing to me. I want to control everything you think about. The money is just a way to your soul. That’s what you want, right?

One day, I’ll ask you to send me your monthly paycheck. It will come unexpectedly. At first, you’ll be shocked, but with a rush of adrenaline. I’ll give you a few days before I expect the money in my account. You may have to take out a loan, a second mortgage, or max out your credit card. Just think of the rush you will experience when you transfer the money.

Would you push yourself into financial distress for your Goddess? Would you adjust your lifestyle, just because you want to serve me? If that is what you want, tell me how far you would go. Will you give me access to your accounts so that I can check your credit rating?

You know your purpose in life is to serve me, your Goddess. You don’t need good credit. Why purchase anything when the money belongs to me. You can go into debt. Your credit score can go down. Tell me, do you know your credit score?

What if it drops from 800 to 700? Can you do this for your Goddess? You can still get more credit, perhaps not from your bank, but money lenders will give you more. Your credit drops to 600. No bank will touch you anymore, but you don’t live for banks, you do it for me, your Goddess. What will you do when your score hits rock bottom? Imagine the adrenaline rush. You’ve given everything to your Goddess!

You may lose some friends along the way, your vacation money goes to your Goddess. How does it feel to cancel your vacation and send the money to your Goddess instead? The more you cut every luxury out of your life, the more you accept me as your true Goddess.

Goddess Francesca

It takes time, it is entirely your choice, but if you are serious, if you want to go all the way, there is only one end. Your life has only one purpose; your identity ceases to exist. You want to give everything you have to your Goddess. You get nothing in return. But knowing that I have accepted you as my loyal slave, is more than you could ever have hoped for.

If this is what you want, if you have the strength to serve me, no matter where I guide you, then start by sending weekly tributes. I will not accept everyone. I want to see the commitment from you first. Don’t expect to hear from me until you have demonstrated your sincerity, your devotion to me.

Show me what you sacrifice. I want to see that you stretch yourself, that it begins to hurt when you send me money, only in the hope that I accept you as my slave. Only then will I acknowledge you. Only then will I send you a picture of your Goddess that you will frame and display proudly.

You will adore me every day. The perfection of my body, the superiority of my mind, the irresistible glow of my skin. Only a true Goddess has the power to project her wishes merely by having her slaves look at her image. I am that Goddess.

Nobody sees my face, except my slaves. I am a kind Goddess, though a strict one. I will treat you well, with a firm hand. Fulfill your desires; to serve me unconditionally. Should you betray me, though, should you post my picture, you will have lost your Goddess. You will mean nothing to me, worst of all, you will have cheapened your own life. It becomes meaningless. You will have been drained of your finances, you’re in ruin, with no hope of ever serving a Goddess like myself ever again.

Being my slave is a privilege. A demanding privilege that will change your life forever. It will if that is what you want. As your Goddess, I will not shed a tear. Serving me is giving up yourself and devoting all you have to me. The consequences are entirely your choice. This is a dangerous journey you are beginning, but also one full of unfathomable rewards.

I’m waiting for your tribute. But I won’t be waiting for long.

Masturbation Monday

12 thoughts on “Goddess Francesca – #Findom #MasturbationMonday

    1. Lol! I’m so glad someone clicked on it. It’s really not what I’m good at, but I thought it would be nice to finish it with a sense of humor that might even lead to something good. xoxo

    1. Now I get it! You see, I’m a cat person, so I never really learned dog english. In German it’s ‘wau-wau’. My apologies that I questioned your commitment to curiosity.😘

  1. This was so serious and intense (in a fascinating way), and then (because I’m late and read the comments) I clicked the button, and I got such a good laugh. I love this!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! I may have a future in fundraising….Glad you clicked the button. I think very few did and they missed out on half the fun. Maybe it succeeded at making it a bit too realistic for the curious mind. 😘

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