I had used this picture in a previous post and am grateful for all the positive feedback. I’m taking the liberty of using it again to focus just on the image.

I was in Greece, and it was one of those magical afternoons. Hazy sunshine, a light warm breeze, the sliding doors open to our balcony. The sheer curtains softening the light with an ever-changing pattern of subtle shadows.

Our session was at its beginning when I was finding the right position for a good spanking. The shot was half luck. I was told to stay still, just the way I was, and then heard a rapid sequence of clicks. Only the next day did I see the results.

Of all the pictures I have, this ranks very high. It’s the subtleties that are easily overlooked. Take the time to zoom in on different parts. My pussy lips are just visible below my butt crease, the sun reflecting off the right nipple piercing, and in the shadow, a wrist cuff and a barely visible o-ring from my collar. The set-up speaks volumes.

What I like the most, though, is the dance of light over my skin. The combination of colors, the serenity of the moment. It did not last long, though this image, fortunately, will.

Sinful Sunday