A lot has changed in the past months. It sounds trivial, but I keep looking back at pictures of my ‘old’ boobs. They were cute, perky, and pierced. Now they are ready to serve as the feeding ground for my little ‘bump’. Large, full, plump, and with nipples the size of cherries.

It’s an adjustment. Every time I look at myself, I wonder whether they will return to their original size. Probably not. Eventually, I will have my piercings again. For now, the piercings are out and in a few months, it may be too late to put them back in. It’s alright, though, there is some satisfaction in getting them pierced again.

In the meantime, I like having the feeling of hard steel on my body. If not my piercings, perhaps my collar. The combination of boobs and steel is one I’ll always love.

February Photofest