So you want to get a good fuck. You’re looking for a partner without success, but have a bit of spare money. It doesn’t cost much to get a blow job. You get off on it, leave, go home. And two hours later, you want to do it all over again.

What you really want is more than the occasional fuck. More than a pretty face with a nice smile. You want someone who is there for you. Someone who understands where you’re coming from. The needs you have, not just for an hour or two. This isn’t football with a clock that runs out after 60 minutes. A few days with your own fuck toy that you can use without watching the clock.

The fantasy in your mind is begging to come to life. You think about it day and night, it is what you want. A day, maybe two, in an exotic location. Accompanied by someone who is yours. Someone, who you can see again if you want. She’s not going away.

Then you find me. First, you see me on the internet. But in your mind, we’re already at a seaside resort. How many times a day can you fuck me? Honestly, that’s up to you. Remember, you have me by your side, I’m yours, your private, perverted fuck toy. Yes, your perverted dreams are ones I share. No matter what they are. Do you want a blowjob on the beach? Or take me from behind, tied to a chair? Then that’s what I want.

It turns me on to see you satisfied. Nothing is too perverted, just tell me how I can be a better fuck toy. What makes me hot is seeing you come. When your spunk covers my face, please let me come? Or perhaps deny my orgasm. Dominate me, make me yours. Then take this gorgeous beauty and turn her into a slut.

You’ve never had a rubber fuck toy. Well, at least not one that is real. I am real; as real as it gets. Then you discover my repertoire of sex items. You blush. It’s more than you can imagine using on me. But you have a kink. Controlling me is more than paying money. It’s about seeing me as your whore, your cunt, your sex slave.

The adventure is irresistible. You contact me through my agency. The plans you have are all in your head. Now is your chance to ask for everything you ever wanted. Fly me to a resort by the Mediterranean. Away from everyday life. Sun, water, beaches, and a luxurious suite by the water.

This is not the time to save a few pennies. Impress me with your generosity. Nothing turns me on like a man with style. Someone who doesn’t fly in the back of the plane. No, you sit in front and your escort deserves nothing less. The time where money is an object has long passed. What’s ten grand for a man like you?

For the next two days, you are everything to me. That’s not all. I bring everything you need to turn me into your dream toy. The one you want to fuck over and over. I get wet just thinking about the time we will have together. When we meet, I want to feel your hard cock as we drive together to our hotel.

You know your way around the world. Traveling is second nature to you, and so is finding the best of the best. That’s how you found me, and that’s where we will spend our time together. Champagne is waiting for us as we arrive. You asked for some fruit, a selection of sweets, just snacks to start.

I bet it won’t be long before you push me against the door, pull down my tight skirt, and ram your hard cock into me. Don’t hold back, do it the way you want to fuck me. Harder, faster, deeper, never hold back. Then come all over me. Unload your cum over my face, my blouse. Soak me in your glorious juice.

You deserve to be proud. More than a stud, you have class. You have the presence and confidence to make me walk to get a bite to eat, wearing the same cum-covered blouse. Everyone should see what I am. Your fuck toy. Be proud of what you’ve done to me. I will feel no shame being your whore.

Now go ahead, book that flight. And reserve a nice suite, with a balcony overlooking the water. Then transfer my fee. Let money not be your worry. We’ll have fun. You get everything you want and more. And we can do it again, and again. Different places, new adventures. You love to travel and I’m right there with you.

Maybe you’re finding kinks you never thought you had. I’ll surprise you. I’ll pack the items you’ll like, then I add some of my own. Time will fly, maybe next time you will want me for longer. Your cock will be sore, but it’ll feel so good. Even at night, I’m there for you. You hold me in your strong arms as I fall asleep on your well-chiseled chest.

You’re more than a client, you’re my dream. Just name the time and place. I’ll be there.

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