I’ve never done a product review, and this is an unsolicited, uncompensated review of a collar that was given to me as a present. Over the last week, it’s been the first time that I have been able to wear the collar for extended periods and since it’s such an unusual, I’d say absolutely unique, collar, I want to share my thoughts about it.

First of all, I have the 40mm all stainless steel version without an attached O-ring. Now, there are other manufacturers of collars around who make 40mm tall collars, but note that is this massive, innovative, and precision manufactured. Just looking at it can be intimidating. It weighs about 1 kg, thanks to is 10mm with. Those are over two pounds of weight around locked around a neck!

Speaking of lock; SwedishCollar has come up with a unique mechanical and magnetic option for opening the collar. It takes a bit of practice to figure out how it works. It appears to magically open suddenly after several attempts to place the magnet key on the edge of the front shield. Although it appears that the collar doesn’t have an upside and a downside, it does. the key only works when it’s placed on the correct side. That’s a one in four chance of panicking when the collar is locked on and it’s the doorbell rings unexpectedly.

With a bit of practice, though, it’s pure genius. No keys, not imperfections, just the touch of a magnet that allows giving the front plate a quick push up and it snaps open by itself. How the inside works is SwedishCollar’s secret.

The collar has a natural elliptical shape. That’s probably great for most people and I’m not suggesting that there should be a change in the basic design. For me, the shape was a bit too pronounced. The sides were snug against my neck, but the back was loser than I would have preferred. To SwedishCollar’s credit, they offer custom orders upon request. I have not yet asked whether that just means the same shape in slightly different sizes, or a slightly less pronounced difference between the front-to-back and the diameter of the shape.

Then comes the moment of truth. What does it feel like to have it around the neck? Unlike any other collar. This one will never bend, no hope of unlocking it without the magnetic key, and I seriously doubt even a hardware store could be of any help. And it’s a gorgeous statement piece!

Here I’m wearing it with a long latex coat. Perfect for a rainy afternoon. Once it’s on, I find it surprisingly comfortable. The fit has to be really good for the collar and its weight not to ‘wobble’ around the neck. But the shape conforms easily to the neck and there are no sharp edges once it’s closed.

That’s actually the only drawback I could detect. The hinges that turn in the back of the collar to open it are sharp and I had to be very careful to avoid getting either my skin or my hair caught in them. Without my friend, I’m not sure I would have been able to do it without some struggle. It still cost me a few hairs…

But all that seems rather a small price to pay for a unique piece of neck jewelry. I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to wear it. Apart from needing a second person to safely close it, it is so massive that the opportunities to wear it outside are limited. Not just from an attention perspective (that I could deal with….), but more from the sheer weight.

After an hour, I could feel the weight and wanted to take it off. I’m sure with a slightly more customized fit, I could go longer, but the weight will always be a limit. Still, this is the most exciting collar that has come onto the market in recent years by far. Unfortunately, it is also by far the most expensive collar on the market.