Virtual Seduction #LIFE #MasturbationMonday #SOSS

You found me! That’s nice. What do you think? Does purple look good on me? Come a little closer, it’s alright to touch me. Do you like the way it feels. How it’s so smooth and shiny?

I know, it doesn’t cover much. Do you mind? My nipples get so sore when I have them covered. I hope you’re alone. They are not for everyone. Just for special people like you.

My piercings? Oh, I love them. Sure they hurt a bit, but in a good way. They’re so sensitive now, just waiting to be touched, pinched, pulled. I’ve had them for a few years.

You can pull on them, it’s alright. Sure, it can hurt, but if you do it slowly, I like it. I like it when you grip them tight so I can feel your fingers behind my piercings. That’s when I know there is no getting away.

Yes, I want you to touch me. Not just my nipples. Take my breasts, slap them, hit them, punch them, I won’t look. Don’t be shy, I’m looking away, you can do anything you want.

There is a reason I picked this combination for you. Have you noticed? Yes, it’s something for both of us. You want us to spend time together. I do, too. I can’t see you. For me, you’re just a click on my site. That makes me a little sad.

You feel the same way? Then why don’t we do it. I mean, you are mature, strong, experienced and can afford it. Nobody has to know about us. Secrets are safe with me. Those little sins, they make life sweet.

I bet you’d like to know what my pussy looks like. No, I won’t show it to you here. Others might be looking as well. But I let you in on a little secret, I shave almost every day.

When I’m in the shower, nice warm water is flowing over my body, I touch myself. The razor is with me in the shower, I like a fresh clean blade, the way it shines. My legs are spread, one foot on the little ledge. When the blade touches my pussy, glides over the little stubbles that have grown since yesterday, I want more

My pussy feels so smooth. Yes, when we’re together, you can touch it. I touch myself a lot. You can be a little rough, just not too much. I know how strong and big you are. Yes, I mean the bulge in your pants. You’re curious what it would feel like in my tight pussy. Oh, I know it would be amazing.

I’d love to see you get hard. Your cock growing, touching it, stroking it. You plumb balls full of your cum that has built up for a few days. Did you get the chastity cage you told me about? Yes, I read your fantasy. It is so hot, I want it to be more than just your fantasy.

No, please don’t tell me you took it off? You said you would wear it until we meet. I bet you were thinking about me every time you’re cock was hurting. I’ll take it off for you; if you want.

Or maybe, if you like, we could go one step further. I mean, if you want me, and only me, let’s make it special. Nothing would make me hotter than knowing you are locked up and I have the key. Would you like that?

Of course, you can still play with me. A cock, trying to get hard, inside a steel cage, that’s so hot. My pussy will be dripping, you can feel the moisture when I ride my pussy over your caged cock. Just thinking about it makes me want to come.

Let’s do it. Come, we’ll do it together. Let me own you, let me be your keyholder, your secret lover and mistress. The only one who knows your secret. The only one who has the key to your cock. The one, who let’s you have an orgasm when the time is right.

Tomorrow? Boy you’re eager! No, tomorrow is not good for me. And I want you to keep the cage on at least for a week before we meet. Can you do that? I know you’ll be tempted to take it of. I bet you cock is hard right now, just thinking about it.

A week, can you do that for your Goddess? I know you can. I know you want to. It’s your fantasy, your secret to have a Goddess to serve. Who owns you as her slave. A Goddess you adore. Oh, I know how much you want to come right now. How much it hurts to be in that tiny cruel cage.

Just one week, then let’s make it last.


Masturbation Monday

16 thoughts on “Virtual Seduction #LIFE #MasturbationMonday #SOSS

    1. Thanks, Rebel. I got surprisingly few comments, I think some of the drooling may have resulted in sticky keyboards ☺️

    1. Thanks! My first attempt after reading how others see it. Not my usual role, but I’m trying to broaden my horizon. 😘

  1. Lovely, wonderfully provocative photo and a well-paced story which I’ll come back to again…this is my first visit to your sensual delights and I must sign up for more!

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