It’s warm outside and I’m reminded of some outdoor adventures. I’d love to go outside wearing some naughty latex outfit, bet nobody would blink an eye here in the City. Only problem, my body doesn’t fit into any or the latex clothes I have!

So here is some recent reminiscing about wearing a full length transparent latex dress when I was just a little less far along in my pregnancy.

Not a dress to wear out, I’m afraid, but for a pregnant body, it’s perfect. I’ve been using lots of creams and moisturizers on my expanding bump, a lot of baths, just to keep the skin elastic. Well, doing all that work for my skin gets me to the point where I can get into this dress, even with the extra pounds.

I was already about 25 pounds heavier than I used to be when I took these pictures, but with a zipper in back, plenty of lubricant, and a thin, stretchy latex dress, it feels like my favorite second skin. I don’t fit think I fit into the dress right now, but this was at 6 months. Talk about kinky mommy!

Whatever your kink or fetish, it’s beautiful. Mine is latex, it always will be, and while it may be on the back-burner for a bit, I’m really glad that my kink is pregnancy-friendly, size-friendly, and gender-friendly. It’s a kink, willing to embrace me the way I am. And that feels really nice.

Sinful Sunday