A Body of Work #LIFE

When I posted a previous #LIFE image a few weeks back, I took a couple of pictures. The one I ended up posting showed me only from behind. It was, despite my expanding size, the most ‘flattering’ picture. Then there were a few others that were similar in style, same lingerie, but showed more of the weight I have gained over the pasts months.

It’s taken me longer, perhaps, than others to embrace my pregnant body. Not so much when it’s just a body, but accepting that it can also be sexy. I don’t usually wear lingerie, but with my boobs now oversized, some support is needed. So I have this one pair of ‘sexy’ lingerie.

Now that I’m looking at the last two months or so before little ‘bump’ will make an appearance (in my life, not on this blog!) I’m beginning to feel more confident. Yes, I used to have an idea of what beauty was supposed to look like. But seeing so many bloggers proudly displaying their kinky sides in all shapes and sizes, I not once saw anything but a beautiful body.

Just when it came to my own, I saw all the changes with a negative body image. Even posting the earlier picture was difficult. Let’s face it, my ass was nice and round. So now I’m posting another #LIFE picture, because I like it. I like the full body, the weight I’ve gained, the curves that go the other way.

For those who like them skinny, you’re missing the point.


12 thoughts on “A Body of Work #LIFE

  1. Beauty and “skinny” are not synonymous. Beauty really does come in all shapes and sizes. And a pregnant body of a healthy woman is more beautiful than any runway model… it is so abundant and life-giving, literally. Anyhoo… you are always stunning and statuesque. And you have me very curious about latex. It is so sexy!

    1. Thanks, TJ. I’m enjoying being pregnant, now that the end is in sight. But I have to admit that I can’t wait to get back into some of my latex gear. For now, I’m afraid I have to give it a pass. Small price to pay, though. 😘

  2. You look absolutely gorgeous, and seriously, I think a pregnant body is really beautiful, not only what it look like, but the fact that life is growing inside.

    Rebel xox

    1. Thanks, Rebel. I’m gradually coming around to that view as well. And to be honest, I’m enjoying living reasonably health, but not worrying about what my body looks like from day to day. The only reason I know my weight is because my doctor tells me. xo

  3. Great image, the extra curves are most voluptuous (and necessary). I like the way your attitude has changed, and it is a wonderful affirmation that you’ve seen only beauty in all the shapes and sizes that have been posted on memes – I find their confidence very attractive, dont you?

    1. Thanks! It’s taken me a while, but the more ‘bump’ feels comfortable with his home (for the next two months) the easier it gets to see beauty in my body, whatever it’s shape. 😘

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