I have a love / hate relationship with bruises or any kind of marks on my body. Even more so when the marks come from BDSM play sessions. When I was still working as Alyssia (my escort name), it was actually easier to know where her limits were. Simply put the next client wants to have a ‘clean’ body.

That put a very natural limit on the amount of bruises, marks, or other visible signs of impact play Alyssia could afford. It’s not a firm rule for everyone. Some of my friends advertised with impact play, some were real masochists, and their clients were quite happy to see bruises and welts on their bodies. It’s not my place to judge, but personally, I think they were crossing a line that could easily lead to physical abuse.

In my case, by the time the next client met with Alyssia, all marks had to be gone.

Now I should probably say that this did allow me a bit more freedom than it appears. Contrary to so many escorts, Alyssia ‘marketed’ herself for the fetishes she was into, and impact play wasn’t among them. I had from the beginning fewer, but longer dates. Often overnight, but then no more than once a week. I also had a full-time job that paid my regular bills, including generous vacation time and flexible working hours, which allowed me to do the escort work on the side. The restrictions worked to my advantage; no last minute dates, I always knew my schedule a few weeks in advance, sometimes months. Still, I was always erring on the cautious side.

To be honest, all of this was part of my way of playing it safe. I know that I was in a privileged position in the sense that I didn’t need the escort money. Alyssia came about to enjoy the submissive, kinky, slavegirl in me. Still, with all the restrictions, I was much less likely to get time-wasters, last minute cancellations, or people who preferred to stay in cheap hotels. Alyssia was scarce, ‘clean’, and perfectly kinky and perverted for every date. The perfect glamour escort in public, and the submissive whore in the bedroom. And she came with a price tag.

Now things have changed a bit. I still don’t like impact play as a kink, but it does spice up sessions that I have with friends (less so in the recent past). Now I’m more willing to go with the flow. The prospect of walking away with marks is never something that excites me, but once tied up, blind-folded, and unable to escape, even my bratty self can get into it.

Still, I do it against my own will. I’m way to ambitious, too competitive, too ‘I’m stronger than he thinks’, to stop a scene just because the pain becomes excruciating. I actually love the pain part, and the sensation the following day, when I sit down and remember why my butt is sore.

Bottom line, marks are no kink of mine. But I’m more than happy to live with them as a friendly reminder of a good spanking.