When 2019 began, I had not even thought about becoming a mother. I was still 39, pretending to be 29, and living life to the fullest. At least so I thought. My brain was wrapped around kinks, sex, fetishes, and for the first time, writing about it (in a book that sold an amazing 210 copies on Amazon…)

Everything I enjoyed was pretty much captured in a few images — yes, I was proud of my figure, my waist, my nipples piercings, and my blow jobs.

Then the unexpected happened, I began to think about wanting a child. I had no partner, but that was no constraint. In a way (and that may be naive), I like the idea of raising a child on my own. No arguments, no disagreements, even if it also means no help when it may come in handy.

But I was was not willing to have a father in my life, just for appearance sake. So, I had became pregnant. What I just to think of as ‘cum’, was all of a sudden something very different. Someone jerked of into a cup, it got stored, tested, and eventually turned into what I now call lovingly, my bump.

So, my body changed. I still struggle with all the changes and the hormones don’t make it any easier, but the closer I get, the more assurance I have from my doctors that I have a healthy baby growing inside me, the more everything good about having a baby becomes real.

So I’m ending this year being the same person, in a different body, with a different outlook. I’ll still be kinky, probably more sleep deprived (don’t expect to see much of me come March or so), and will love my body in every shape it comes.

The small waist is gone, it may come back, it may not. The nipple piercings are gone for now, hopefully they will come back one day. I’ll still be into kinks and fetishes. And, yes, that is one reason why latex is so amazing – it stretches!!

Happy New Year — I’m glad I experienced everything I did in 2019, but can’t wait to get to 2020.