My Top 10 “memorable posts” of 2019 #SOSS

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This is the end of my very first year of blogging. Others have put in so much work in putting together lists of their favorite bloggers, newcomers, highlights. I admire the time and effort that goes into making choices among more brilliant posts and bloggers than I can count.

Participating in memes is such an amazing way to get to know what others are writing, the pictures they are taking, and how their lives and partnerships are evolving. I have only scratched the surface in the few memes where I have actively participated. So many others are yet to be explored.

As a result, I want to be humble and just point to ten (or so) posts that off the top of my head have stuck with me. There is no scientific method behind it, other than the certainty that tomorrow, I will regret not having included a few more posts. But, such is life. So, in no particular order:

Floss post on Knife Play was an eye-opener for me. Both into Floss as a person and a kink I knew very little about.

Thorns by Kisungura did something very similar. The combination of beautiful writing and creative pictures area fabulous.

Opened by Missy was another illustration of exploring a kink this case humiliation. This was one where I could immediately relate, on the one hand resisting a kink, while at the same time embracing it.

I think Spanking was when I got hook on Purple’s Gem and PurpleSoul. This post really focused on the interplay in their D/s dynamic. Apart from the topic, it was a real insight.

While You Sleep is just a brilliant piece of writing by Jupiter Grant. So gentle, so, dreamy, and absolutely hot.

The same can be said about Remember to Breathe by Sir Hanz. Not quite as dreamy, but I was still glued to every word.

I loved askmefast’s post about filters. Not just in our personal vanilla life, but also in our on-line lives. It was a great way to open up, just a little bit, without giving away too much.

Take my Breath Away by Marie Rebelle also captured this intense feeling of resisting something, yet with the right person, it intensified the impact.

I’m in love with the Golden Brown shoes by Posy Churchgate. There are many things I love about Posy, but I think this was the first picture that really caught me by surprise. I didn’t think I would be so hooked on it. A really pleasant surprise (and not the only one).

The Sex Work post by Deviant Succubus had such a wealth of information, but thoughtfully processed and such insights that I became hooked on her posts.

Desk Porn by May Moore just ran over me like a freight train. A simple image, right on my desk top. It was so brilliantly done, I still want to have May sit in front of me with her legs spread.

I was incredibly moved by the Bitttersweet Symphony from Molly Moore. The emotions in the piece were so real, so raw, painful at times, and always touching.

Sweetgirl’s A Whole Library was another master piece. The progression of books should be an inspiration for any aspiring reader and writer.

The hows and whys of fisting by Missy is one of those eye-opening posts. I’m not into fisting, but as Missy goes into the topic, it truly expands my horizon.

Julie’s post about Being Positive was nothing short of inspiring. Positive and confident, it’s one that I really enjoyed.

I became a big fan of Nikki with her Morning glow pictures. Beautifully done and I loved ‘the morning after’.

Sanctuary by Considering Cuntella was another stunning set of images in color and b&w. The entangled mind hit close to home.

I’ll stop here. As you can tell, I don’t take the concept of ‘Top 10″ too seriously. I don’t believe in better and worse, this was just a brain-dump from me. For those who are into psychology, it probably says more about me than about the posts I picked. So, if I did not include you in this list, take it simply as my own omission. There are hundreds of other posts I thoroughly enjoyed and did not include here.

My plea to every one is, when you see a post you like, say so. Say what you like, perhaps what you don’t like, just say something. I’m far from the model when it comes to providing comments, but I try when I can.

With that, I have one last post that I want to share as a special Happy Holidays by Life of Elliot. Enjoy the many cocks, in all their shapes and sizes, be generous in sharing your bounty, and forgiving for the occasional short-comings.

23 thoughts on “My Top 10 “memorable posts” of 2019 #SOSS

  1. Thank you Francesca for compiling such a great, varied list – I shall need to visit several of these which seemed new to me. I am flattered that you liked my shoe image so much – it’s interesting and quirky what sticks with us.
    I feel delighted that you have integrated into the blogging community and I fully agree with your interpretation of what is to be gained from participation in the memes. Comments and good feedback are the lifeblood of a writer / blogger – true that.
    Here’s to even more success in 2020 Francesca xx

  2. Thank you so much for including these pieces on your list. It means so much when someone connects with something I have written, especially when it is personal or something that I feel slightly embarrassed about. I have been glad to get to know you this year through your writing and look forward to getting to know you better in the future. 😊

  3. Thank you so much. I am indeed flattered about your words about my image – more so considering your photos are always so damn hot!
    Merry xmas
    May x

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