Although it is a bit early and this picture a bit dated, it does seems to fit the January #SinfulSunday prompt ‘Shadows’ quite well. Shadows can be beautiful, and also expose the dark sides around us. It was my first experience as an escort where I was genuinely scared shitless for longer than I care to remember.

He had never been with an escort before, wanted to act out a rather sick and disturbing scene, and be able to brag about it. Much of it may have been a kink for him, but they were not on my menu, nor will they ever be (more about this in the Alyssia series).

Over-confidence is a dangerous trait when dealing with strangers and ropes. My alarm bells didn’t go off until it was almost too late. Once I realized the potential for what could go wrong, even without any ill intentions on his side, it was a game of cat and mouse before he was talked down to a safer and much more satisfying experience.

I won’t take the suspense away. There is a reason you should not just look at me, but also what I’m holding onto. If this does not scare you, then you are either staring at my ass for too long, or are just slightly more adventurous than I ever intend to be.

Sinful Sunday