You see what I did here with the title of this post?…….

I’m in the middle of Exam Period and have to head out to school for my second of 5 exams. I dread taking them. My writing skills are not bad, but it takes me longer than others to write the same amount. And I have a feeling that I now more than most, which makes my answers even longer than necessary.

What does this have to do with lingerie? Very simple. It helps me to focus when I wear something nice underneath my regular clothes – or nothing at all. Unfortunately, it’s freezing cold right now and a bit of warmth would not hurt.

I usually don’t think of my bikini (the one on the left ) as lingerie, but then I remembered that I did a photo shoot with it when I was still working as an escort and it worked quite well. So below is the lingerie version and the bikini version. I got matching stockings so that I could use the bikini as a full lingerie set, although for today, I think I’ll be going without them. It’s my secret moral support as I will be struggling through my exam. Wish me good luck!

Lingerie is for everyone