Any escort, any sex worker, who is not a control freak is either delusional, or careless. When I started working part time for an escort agency in Europe, I had a regular office job, enough money for my age, no drug habits, and even called my parents every weekend. I was simply intrigued when one of my best friends suggested I give it a try.

At that point, I was fairly deep into the Berlin fetish scene. I loved the club life, the creativity of the industry, the music, everything that went with it. I can’t say that I was submissive at the time, although in a few private relationships there was certainly a tendency towards a D/s dynamic and I was gladly on the receiving end of the occasional spanking. It was all pretty harmless.

My interest in latex had little to do with being either submissive or dominant. It was a fetish. I just fell in love with the material and if it had not been for the steep prices, I would have bought myself a lot more items much sooner. But saving up several hundred dollars (or Euros for that matter) for a single catsuit was a good chunk of change.

The agency my friend worked for specialized in fetishes; and in submissive girls. There are a huge number of escorts available, in Europe and the US, who cater to all sorts of fetishes, but few as submissives. There is a good reason. Control.

When my friend first asked me to join her at the agency, she described a regular date. It all sounded innocent enough, until she got to the point where she described what would be expected in terms of submission. Different levels or limits could be set, but bondage, at least light spanking, gagging, some light pain and a good supply of fetish clothes and sex toys were the minimum.

Red flags went off immediately. Why would any sane person allow even light bondage with a stranger and then be subjected to pain? Yeah, in a relationship, I had done more than that, but never with a stranger. What in the world was my friend thinking?

Then she filled me in why I would make a damn good fetish escort. To my surprise, she didn’t start with my love of kinks and the number of sex toys and fetish clothes I already had. No, she started recounting the times I drove her insane with my obsession for being in control. I’m by no means dominant, but at work, I obsess over every detail. I can’t stand it when schedules get changed, I have my clothes ready the day before, and I won’t even get drunk when I go to clubs on the weekend. (Let’s leave the subject of recreational use of weed out of this conversation.)

Then she made her sales pitch. On my webpage, I can show anything I want, bondage, gags, serious canes, even some bruises if I like. It’s the bait that draws in the clients. Then make it look exclusive, expensive, professionally done pictures in hotel suites – the more expensive looking the better. Finally, start out charging high rates; and for under 6 hours, don’t take any appointment, except for ‘get to know you’ coffee or dinner without any further agreement of play.

She hooked me up with the head of her agency. We met, had a deal worked out pretty quickly, and I signed a standard contract. Like most escorts in the business, the agency is only managing the interactions, but I worked independently. The content of the webpage was mine, the pictures were mine, and most importantly, who I saw was my decision alone.

The agency did the advertising, tried to match client interests with the likes, experience, and personalities of their escorts. In return, they kept about one third of the total fee. Part of the package was that I did not have to organize anything. The agency recommended hotels in different cities, but clients were expected to make hotel reservations and pay for any travel arrangements up-front. A date was not confirmed until the location and time were set, as well as an initial service fee was paid.

Easy enough. I did not have to do any ‘in-calls’, those are when clients come to a location of my choice and that I paid for. The other benefit of ‘out-calls’ is that the hotel has the clients credit card information. Even though the agency does a security check as well, knowing that the hotel also knows who is in what room does provide an extra layer of security. If I didn’t like the hotel, I could cancel. In fact, although I have never did, if anything seems out of the normal, it was always my call to back out and let the agency know.

The last part of maintaining control was in the selection of toys and bondage equipment. Few, if any, clients had any real experience in the BDSM world. Rather than a cane that could inflict serious wounds, I had a floggers made of soft suede leather, not very long. It made a good sound on my bottom, but frankly, no amount of hitting could possibly leave any visible marks. Same thing with the wrist cuffs. Even at the tightest setting, I was able to slip my hand out and get out of any uncomfortable situation. No ropes. No tape, nothing that I could not easily manipulate or escape from.

Yes, I was a submissive fetish escort and had no higher priority than being in control of the date. Did that mean leading my clients to the right places, getting off during sessions and making sure they left satisfied? Absolutely. And for those who wonder about the money? Well, it was good, but I reinvested much of it into new latex items that I liked or that needed to be replaced. Sure, 2000 Euros for 6 hours sounds like a lot, but take away the fee for the agency, income taxes (yes, it’s a profession!), and what was left was a few thousand in additional money every month. Not bad, but not a life-changing amount either.

Once I had more regular clients, a lot be continued.