Day: December 7, 2019

Francesca Non-Fiction Opinion

Nosehook Humiliation #SinfulSunday

I’m a big fan of public humiliation. Sometimes, it doesn’t have to be so public. A nosehook is something that is uniquely humiliating to me. It doesn’t hurt, I don’t see it, yet, I know that it distorts my face, makes me look ridiculous, and is at the same time absolutely erotic for the person […]

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Francesca Non-Fiction

I got that Dominant Feeling #NSFW #MasturbationMonday #eLust

There is a very inspiring set of pictures as a prompt for this week’s #MasturbationMonday. It made me think. Usually, I don’t take pictures of the dicks of men I’m with, but there are a few exceptions. One was when I wrote about His and Her Piercing. But that’s not the point. I ‘m usually […]

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