It’s no secret, I’m obsessed with latex. I think the obsession began in earnest when I saw the first books by Eric Stanton. More cartoonish depiction of women in extreme form, both dominant and submissive. Beyond all reality and a pure fetish dream. It was more the images than the stories that stuck with me. They became my own desire to be just like them. At least in my fantasies.

I’ve since assembled quite an assortment of bondage gear to turn me into a rubberdoll, inescapably sealed for as long as my dominant wants. The first time I experienced being sealed, head to toe, completely in rubber was addictive. We were in Munich, before I was pregnant, and I had brought some new toys.

Not long after we arrived, curiosity got the better of me and I slipped into a new red latex catsuit. I normally don’t like hoods, but this time, I wanted it to be part of it. Disappearing behind a protective skin that conceals myself, my looks, my personality.

Once I stepped out of the bathroom in my catsuit, he had already put together a few extra items that would make the experience even more memorable. A new heavy rubber corset, with attached crotch dildos for my pussy and my ass.

It did take a while to lace up the corset, giving me plenty of time to get used to my constrictive environment. I was still able to see what was going on around me, but my mobility was increasingly restricted.

Next came bondage cuffs around my arms, and a rubber bondage collar. All were quickly locked on me and I began to feel how helplessly exposed I was. Every hole was filled, there was almost nothing I could do, least of all free myself. My arms were firmly bound to my body.

I stayed this way for a long time, unable to move much by myself. It gave me time to get into the headspace of a rubberdoll. By the time he used me, pushing his cock down my throat the way he would with a sex doll, I did feel like a sex doll. To my surprise, I felt powerful. Like a super hero. It didn’t want it to stop; ever.

There was an amazing sexual drive that was building when he replaced the regular dildos with inflatable ones and started pumping them up. I could do nothing to prevent him from using my pussy and my ass for his pleasure, his entertainment. At first it was pleasant to feel the pressure building. He wouldn’t stop there, every time he released some of the pressure, the next time would fill me up even more than before. It got to the point where I thought I couldn’t take anymore. But he kept going. I was completely helpless, just like I wanted to be.

I always fantasized about being sealed in rubber; permanently. Somehow have my own skin completely replaced with an artificial skin. Not just being sealed in rubber for extended periods, but be transformed into a living rubber doll.

Why I continue to have this fantasy decades after I saw the first images in an Eric Stanton book is difficult to explain, but it has less to do with my love for latex, and more with my deep desire to be someone else’s object. Being transformed into a living object with only one purpose, pleasing my owner and being available as his sex doll when ever he wants. Not a sex slave, not having to obey his commands, but being his helpless object. No responsibility to think, just experiencing the way he wants to use me.

The thought of never being able to escape my new fate is an incredible turn on for me, it’s the inability to change anything about my situation. Whether it’s being used, being restrained, or being pushed to my limits by a Master who only regards me as an object. Objectification.

I’d never want to go that far in reality, even if it were possible, but the thought alone always bring me to the edge of orgasm. When I do experience being sealed in rubber and helplessly used, I come quickly and often. I have never had multiple orgasms in succession, except when I was living out my fantasy as a living rubberdoll, helpless, and used by my partner.

Being one of Eric Stanton’s objectified rubberdolls, that’s my fantasy.