I found an earlier picture of a latex open breast camisole that I sleep in sometimes and then a very recent picture. As I look at the two pictures, I cannot help but think of how times have changed. In the first picture, which is about two years old, I have my ‘old’ body. My then pretty perky C-cups fit perfectly through the openings, they need no support, and the piercings are nicely displayed.

Then I compared this with a very recent picture, the same camisole, but a different body. Now that I’m well beyond the half-way mark in my pregnancy, I barely fit into the camisole anymore. But it remains one of the few latex items I have, any lingerie I have, that I can still wear.

The piercings are gone, I had to take them out. My nipples, even before having a little sucker chewing on them, are just a lot bigger than they used to be. Besides, I figured that I would eventually have to take them out during nursing anyway.

Still, I like the top. I like the cute little bow, the straps, the easy flow around my body, and the open breasts. I think I play with my tits now more than I did when I had my piercings in. Amazing what a few little hormones can do to a body.

I was inspired to put up this little post by Purple’s Gem. She has a beautiful post showing off her nipple piercings in a gorgeous kimono. Lingerie and piercings are tricky, not everyone is a fan of them. I will always be, and I hope to have mine re-done when the time is right.

In the meantime, I’m admiring all the great lingerie that are posted at Lingerie Is For Everyone!

Lingerie is for everyone