I had never joined the Lingerie for Everyone link party, and I finally figured out why. I suck at lingerie. It’s not that I don’t find myself attracted to the pictures. Sure, I would not mind having a greater selection of lingerie to choose from. Yet, when it comes to real life, there seem to be only two ways to go for me.

One is where I need a quick top to wear underneath otherwise too revealing clothes, like a white see-through blouse, or I don’t wear any lingerie at all. My selection is very limited to a few latex items, but they are not for regular wear. I pull those out when I want to play, or take pictures. And that’s rare these days. So the sad news is, I suck at lingerie.

I look at other pictures and find them tempting. Just hiding enough to peak my interest, while shaping the body in a way that is incredibly erotic. I would consider my self to be an erotic person, but more the ‘in your face’ sort of erotic. I don’t seduce with what I wear, I seduce with my words, my personality, my dirty mind.

Lingerie signals a lot. I’m sure if I would have a greater selection, I’d know how to make use of it. Or, simply enjoy it for myself. I just haven’t found that kick yet. It’s absent. Perhaps that will change, but for now, the few items I have, are safely tucked away.

Lingerie is for everyone