I suck at lingerie

I had never joined the Lingerie for Everyone link party, and I finally figured out why. I suck at lingerie. It’s not that I don’t find myself attracted to the pictures. Sure, I would not mind having a greater selection of lingerie to choose from. Yet, when it comes to real life, there seem to be only two ways to go for me.

One is where I need a quick top to wear underneath otherwise too revealing clothes, like a white see-through blouse, or I don’t wear any lingerie at all. My selection is very limited to a few latex items, but they are not for regular wear. I pull those out when I want to play, or take pictures. And that’s rare these days. So the sad news is, I suck at lingerie.

I look at other pictures and find them tempting. Just hiding enough to peak my interest, while shaping the body in a way that is incredibly erotic. I would consider my self to be an erotic person, but more the ‘in your face’ sort of erotic. I don’t seduce with what I wear, I seduce with my words, my personality, my dirty mind.

Lingerie signals a lot. I’m sure if I would have a greater selection, I’d know how to make use of it. Or, simply enjoy it for myself. I just haven’t found that kick yet. It’s absent. Perhaps that will change, but for now, the few items I have, are safely tucked away.

Lingerie is for everyone

25 thoughts on “I suck at lingerie

      1. for the purposes of #LiFE, lingerie = anything you wear under clothes/anything “private” that empowers you/ anything that makes you feel sexy. Latex is absolutely included! Likewise pajamas, “plain” underthings, chastity devices, etc. traditional lingerie is just the beginning …

  1. You look wonderful and sexy whether in Latex, underwear or street clothes.
    And yes your mind, personality and words are erotic. Personality really comes out well in your writing.

  2. Oh Francesca – if this is you, then don’t fight it or apologise for it.

    I love lingerie, but for me it is armour, to help me deal with intimacy without baring all. I use it as a crutch and you don’t seem to need that help, so celebrate that.

    You look all kinds of sexy and sassy when you wear latex. I am filled with envy at your body confidence.

    You make men want to be with you and women want to BE you – I’ll vouch for the 2nd part of that anyway.

    1. You’re to nice, Posy. Yes, it is me. I’m just going through the pregnancy ‘glow’ where my body is changing in ways that I find very attractive. I can’t keep myself from touching my tummy. Let’s see how I feel about my body 12 months from now.

      If I make women want to BE me, that’s very flattering, though I’m not as convinced it’s something to aspire to. (Though the thought of being someone else for a little while is very appealing)😘😘😘

      1. Not at all Francesca, I don’t like to hear you be so harsh!

        But – Oh wow, that’s an exciting development. I thought I picked up a pregnancy clue from something you said in response to a comment on another of your posts.

        Enjoy that glow, there will also be things about yourself you don’t like during pregnancy too, but a wonderful thing is happening so try to hang onto that glow! xx

          1. Silver lining – the glow is almost like you’re under a magic spell! It changes not just your looks, but your attitude. Enjoy this special phase x

  3. I recall seeing you proudly display some stunning “lingerie” style latex recently and asked you about it.
    Your view if lingerie is not the wider “lacy bra and frilly knickers” – if anything, I enjoy your interpretation far more. Unique, classy, individual and it definitely elicits “the feels”.

    You have some significant body changes rampaging through your thoughts.

    Perhaps now is the time to be kinder to yourself

    Big hugs
    Swirly 🌻💕

    1. Thanks for your support, Swirly. There are definitely a lot of hormones going through my body and I’m not quite sure what to make of it. I wobble between ‘nothing changes’ to ‘this changes everything’. Maybe I just need to relax and chill a little — thanks for the hugs!!

  4. Just for the record, I think you will look absolutely stunning in lingerie, but if it’s not your thing, you shouldn’t do it. You are perfect just the way you are.

    Rebel xox

  5. Eh, comfy beats sexy lingerie any day for me! I usually don’t wear anything that would be classed as lingerie either. Give me some comfy knickers and a simple black bra any day. Also, latex lingerie is lingerie too, ya know? 😛

  6. You absolutely do NOT suck at lingerie and you are most welcome regardless of the size of your collection or the materials. I’m super stoked to see you join in and I hope you share again!

  7. What lan opportunity to discover or design your lingerie: lingerie that moves with your physical and emotional changes, lingerie that can be flexible or form fitting, lingerie that accentuates what you love about your self-your ever-changing physical incarnation-your spirit…

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