Another Halloween office party, small talk, crappy costumes, plenty of alcohol. I bet most people loath having to show up just to make our boss happy. She’s from Luxemburg, believes in noblesse obliege. It’s the one time in the year where she and her minion managers give the proletariat (that would be me) the honor to be in their presence and mingle; casually. I hate it, and so does everyone else.

I used like Halloween, tell scary stories. Come to think of it, I wrote a book that has pretty scary parts to it. Clarice, I almost forgot about her. She was my first fictional hero, the person I always wanted to be. Half good, half evil. This party definitely calls for an evil character, and I already have my first victim lined up.

“So, Jeff, what is it like to be a ‘Manager‘?” I do the air-quotes to rub in my sarcasm. He looks up. He’s not unattractive, average I’d say, just a bit annoying and very gullible. Oh, and with my heels, I am a good 2-inches taller than him. That’s not an accident.

“Well, you know what they say, ‘when opportunity knocks’…” He knows he didn’t deserve the promotion. Probably slept with the boss, or kissed her ass. If she’s the devil, he just sold his soul.

“Don’t say a word!” I placed my middle finger on his lips, leaning closer. “Be careful what you say, you don’t want to be the next one.” Leaving my finger just a little longer hovering over his lips. He gets the point.

“The next what?” He asks timidly. I know that he had been watching porn on his office computer. He thought nobody knew, but the reflection in his glasses made it all too easy to catch him in the action. He probably doesn’t have much of a sex life. Just standing across from him, I can tell his pants are bulging under a growing erection. I’m way out of his league, though.

“You really don’t know? Wow, I thought she would have told you before you accepted the promotion.” Isabel, our boss, is single, mid-forties, attractive, and the biggest flirt in the business. She is half the reason our boutique firm is successful beyond belief; the other half was thanks to whoever she was banging to drum up business.

Jeff is bewildered and visibly nervous.

“Not here, let’s go somewhere quiet.” There is really only Isabel’s office, lavishly decorated, where can get some privacy. Except for her, we all work in tiny cubicles and the managers have offices with all glass walls. Isabel likes to make it clear who is in charge.

“You mean Isabel’s office, are you crazy? What if she finds us in there?” He is really gullible and has no clue what’s about to hit him. We make our way through the bored crowd, past Isabel, who is the only one having a grand-old time handing out hugs and kisses. She’s dressed up for the occasion. A tight pencil skirt, sky-high heels, a nearly see-through white blouse, and on her head, a Medusa-like nest of awfully realistic looking snakes.

“Don’t look at her, walk straight past her and don’t turn around.” I take Jeff’s hand and we disappear through the unlocked door into Isabel’s office. I had been inside a few times, but never after dark. Her office is creepy. Full of pictures, more like modern-art portraits. They all look so familiar, almost like people we know, just distorted into sculptures.

“OK, Jeff, here’s the deal. You know how Isabel gets business for us. She sleeps around, gets the deals, and then moves on to the next client. I’m amazed that she picked you as a manager.”

“Well, yea, I know that, but that’s her business, not mine, right?” He asks with a slight tremble of uncertainty.

“Now it’s your business, too. You see the images around here?” He looks around, walks up to some of them to take a closer look.

“What about them?” He knows where I’m going with it, but is not sure he wants to say it. That’s my chance to jump the news on him.

“Don’t those heads look a little too familiar? And what about Isabel’s costume, weren’t the snakes on her head too real?” Jeff gulps. “Look around, do you recognized any faces?”

“Doris? That can’t be. Doris got fired two months ago. Why would Isabel have a portrait of her head, looking like a rock sculpture, in her office?”

“Because the Doris we know never left. Isabel turned her to stone and before disposing of her, she had a portrait drawn of her head. She keeps her trophies close to her.”

“What did she do to deserve such a cruel fate?” Jeff is visibly shaken, and a bit too drunk to question the realism of my story. He is sitting down on the couch and I stand next to ‘Doris’.

“It’s what she didn’t do that made Isabel turn her into a rock. When Isabel moved on to the next client, she needed Doris to step up and take over the deal. You know, do everything to please the client. Doris wasn’t up to it.” I pause to let it sink in.

“The Dover-Deal involved a lot of anal sex. Isabel had no problem with it. She’d do anything to hook in a client. But when Doris took over the contract, she wasn’t willing to have herself be penetrated anally.” Another pause. Jeff is sweating.

“When the client complained to Isabel, Doris vanished. A week later, this portrait was delivered to the office.” I look at ‘Doris‘, as if to say ‘what a shame‘.

“Your job is to keep clients happy. Whatever Isabel gives them, you will have to keep it going. Or,….” Another look over to ‘Doris‘.

Poor Jeff has this terrified look on his face. “What, did I say something to upset you? I just thought you should know, Jeffrey.” Nobody ever calls him ‘Jeffrey’, except when it gets very formal. Jeff is not the kind of person who handles pressure well.

“I don’t know if I can do that? What am I supposed to do?” He is near panic, still whispering in the dark and creepy office. We’re not even supposed to be in here. What if Isabel shows up? I know she won’t, but Jeff doesn’t.

“There are really only two ways out for you, now that you’re her ‘Manager‘. You can either become her little bitch boy who she sends out to please her clients sexual perversions, or…” I pause again. His face is so pale, it nearly disappears in the darkness of the room.

“Or what?”

“Or you can grab the snakes off her head before she has a chance to unleash them on you in one of her infamous tirades.” I put my arm around Jeff, slide my hand down his chest to his pants. He has an enormous erection. Something about this is turning him on.

“Do it Jeff, you’ll do all of us a favor, and I’ll make it up to you.” His zipper slides down easily. With his belt unbuckled, his pants drop right to the floor. His boxers follow. “There is no time to lose. Everyone knows we’re in here, except for Isabel. Everyone is counting on us. You can either be our hero, or end up like poor Doris.” His erection is growing firmer.

“Come on, Jeff, be strong. Don’t end up like Doris. Don’t let Medusa turn you into a rock.” I go down on my knees and begin to stroke his cock. His loafers come off easily.

“Nobody will care that you’re half naked, they all know what we’re doing in here. It’s my job to find someone courageous enough to end this horror once and for all.” I suck on his dick, using all my oral skills. I bet he’s never had a blowjob the way I do them.

“I can’t go all the way, Jeff, until you come back with the snakes in your hand. Come on, Jeff, do it. For me, please?” Now I look up at him. I can tell he is about to muster all his courage and run out the door to rid this office of the evil that possesses Isabel. He is about to come, I pull sharply on his balls to bring him back from the edge. He steps out of his pants.

“Do it Jeff.” He doesn’t even bother to pull up his pants, dashes for the door, and leaps straight for Isabel’s Halloween costume.

Masturbation Monday