I have a dirty mind. Give me a quiet moment, let me look at what others are posting on SinfulSunday and I’m good to go for the day. You know what I’m thinking. My hair done, latex dress, an almost empty glass of wine, my collar sparkling around my neck, and a subtle smile on my lips.

Am I going somewhere, or am I coming back? I’m in a hotel room, ready to go outside, or not bothering to take off my clothes. I’m not alone. Someone is taking this picture. It’s cropped, you don’t see my face, but it’s not hard to imagine what’s above the lips.

The lipstick is still fresh, the latex still shiny, all points to something that is yet to come. Let your imagination flow. You know I’m up for it.

What if it’s you with me in the room? You just took the picture, I didn’t bother to look away to keep my face hidden, like I usually do. I trust you. Maybe we’re not alone. Perhaps there is someone else in the room.

This picture is not for me to tell the story. This picture is for you to fill in the blanks. From my other posts, you already know what I like, my fetishes, my kinks, my desires. Go ahead, complete the picture in your mind.

Now do the same by clicking at the lips below and seeing an amazing set of alluring, sexy, hot pictures that all tell their own story.

Sinful Sunday