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If there is one latex fetish item known to most people, it is the catsuit. Although not always latex, it is a quintessential staple of superheros, and heroines. Just think of ‘Catwoman’, or the ‘Underworld’ films, and the first thing that comes to mind are the catsuit.

So, you’ve been curious enough to read some of my earlier posts, from starting with a latex blouse, to flaunting what you’ve got in a latex bikini, and having a daring dinner date in a latex dress. Now it’s time for a big leap. The famous latex catsuit. We’re moving from the easy to blend clothing items, to one that is undeniably a fetish item. I hope you’re up for it…if fetish is not your thing, there are still ways to wear it that feels great and nobody else has to know. So, bear with me.

As strange as it may sound, there is one style of catsuit that I prefer over any other. It’s a neck-entry catsuit that is primarily produced by FantasticRubber. You may wonder what ‘neck-entry’ actually means. Well, pretty much what it suggests. Rather than opening a zipper in front or back, it has no zipper except through the crotch for easy access (and using the bathroom).

But the latex is both elastic and strong for the neck to stretch wide enough to slip your entire body into the catsuit through the neck opening. Yes, it’s hard to believe, but it will neither tear nor wear out. The fabulous feeling you get once you’re inside is hard to describe. There is nothing that inhibits your movement, it is truly like a second skin.

With a zipper in back, when your sitting and attempting to lean forward, your back would naturally curve and a zipper would not stretch with your body. That can be very uncomfortable. For me, it ruins the experience of feeling uninhibited. And if you want to have sex, a zipper on your back ruins the mood for me.

It’s not much different with a zipper in front. While you don’t quite have the same flexibility issues, when you sit, the zipper crunches up and apart from looking rather unattractive, can be a real pain.

Unless you want to make getting into the catsuit your exercise routine, lubricant, or glide-aide, are your best friends. This is part of the ‘ritual’ of transforming your skin. Plenty of glide-aide spread both over your body and thoroughly inside the catsuit will make getting into it so much easier. Once your legs have safely found their place, it becomes simply a matter of pulling the catsuit evenly up to your shoulders. By the way, latex comes in a variety of thicknesses. For regular use, thinner is better – and it still won’t rip! Thin means about 0.2 mm in thickness. So you don’t have to worry about feeling like there is a rubber tire wrapped around you.

Even then, there is enough stretch to get your arms into the sleeves until you feel a sudden urge by the stretched latex to return to its original shape and embrace the rest of your body up to your neck in nothing but a thin layer of latex. The first time is almost euphoric. Something that appears so impossible actually works! And even without any further glossing, you will look stunning. No ‘muffin tops’, no edges, nothing but a smooth skin that evens out all imperfections that you may think you have. (Just to be clear, every body is beautiful, this is about how you can add some spice to your wardrobe!)

As much as I like wearing my catsuit in the bedroom, it’s attraction is really in wearing it, and going outside. At least for myself. You don’t have to walk down the street in nothing but a latex catsuit to get the experience. I don’t. But you can easily layer a sweater over the catsuit and turn it into latex legging as far as everyone else is concerned. Or, if that is too much, take a coat and wear it over it. Nobody will even notice that you’re wearing a full latex catsuit underneath. And it is both warm enough and comfortable to wear for extended period (I’m talking a couple of hours, not days!)

It’s very hard to describe the eroticism of wearing latex in public. Even more so when it fully embraces you, truly like a second skin. Everything is moving with you, while at the same time gliding over your skin. The zipper through the crotch lends itself to all sorts of kinky additions. Buttplugs, vibrators, possibly controlled via an app by your partner….

If you want to go one step further and take some pictures, I highly recommend that you take the time and gloss up the catsuit on the outside. For one, it’s a wonderful feeling to have someone help you with the transformation into a shiny rubber beauty. Your skin will be tingling, and remaining still for your partner to get into all the corners is almost as good as the inevitable sex that will come when you’re done with your outing. The latex transforms instantly from a beautiful color (it really doesn’t have to be black – pick your favorite color!) into a polished marble-like reflecting surface. If you find the right spot, take off your coat, be daring, take a few pictures. It doesn’t have to last for more than a few minutes to walk away with naughty and hot memories. I promise, your partner will not be able to take his or her hands off of you when you get back. And in all likelihood, you may not want to get out of the catsuit until you had at least one orgasm….if you didn’t already have one on the way.

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48 thoughts on “Latex for the Curious – Catsuits

    1. You will sweat inside depending on the outside temperature and activity. Even a thin one does not breathe. I keep the room temperature down. Not something for the middle of summer. Unless you like to sweat. 😊

  1. First of all you look AMAZING in this catsuit. I love the way you wear it with the other items too. Although I love the look of latex I have been put off latex by the squelchy sounds that people make when wearing it due to the way that they sweat gathers inside, but you are actually making me think that I have dismissed it too quickly. Hmm …..

    1. First of all, Thanks!! The catsuits I have all have open feet, so there is no sweat ‘swashing’ around. But you’re right, walking in a sea of sweat is not fun. Temperature control, even if it’s just turning down the room temperature, is a good way to deal with it. Otherwise, I find that just having my feet, hands, and head there to let out excess heat works quite well. Like with so many things, it takes some trial and error to find out what works for you — if you want to give it a try. 😊

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  3. I love the look of latex although I have no desire to wear it myself. But the “second skin” aspect sounds like it would be amazing…intimate, in a way. The thing that always surprises me (even though it shouldn’t because it makes sense) is that you need to lube up before you put it on.

  4. This is brilliant Francesa – very enlightening. You know you’ve already inspired me to make a purchase of latex, I’m looking forward to next time I wear it, the sexy polishing!

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