Rubberdoll – From Fantasy to Reality #SOSS

This post is about the fantasy of one particular person who wanted to live out his fantasy. Just once, he wanted to experience what it would be like to have sex with a human rubberdoll. One that not acting, but had been transformed to want to be his fuck toy. Just like the stories he had read on internet sites. He had this fantasy for a very long time and was willing to spend time and money to make it happen. Even it it was just once in his life.

This post is about the length to which some people go to experience their personal fetish, or perhaps more fantasy. You can also look at it the other way around, if you find yourself in a relationship where you can share your personal kinks and fetishes, with your partner, it is something very precious, something to hold on to, something to keep working on.

I have to confess that I have never had the kind of experience where I was in a committed D/s relationship. I can only imagine what it is like, from reading many of the posts from blogs I follow. A D/s relationship is no easier than any other vanilla relationship. No relationship is easy. Finding the right partner, whether for a limited duration or a lifetime, is a gift.

Almost by definition, anyone who goes on a date with an escort to live out their fantasies has not been as lucky. That does not mean they (and it is mostly men) are not in very committed relationships. They don’t ‘cheat’ on their partners. They do something very healthy. Rather than trying to turn their partner into someone they are not, they take a part of their life outside, with no long-term commitment. Seeing an escort is not an affair. Likewise, an escort is not ‘the other woman’.

So, how much is it worth to someone to live out their fantasy? A lot.

There are many men (trusts me on this one), who fantasize about having sex with a human rubberdoll. When I posted the picture above on my IG page, I got a lot of DMs which I won’t quote here. I did not respond to them for a simple reason. Looking at pictures and drooling over them is fine. Assuming that the person on the other end is exactly what they wish, a brainless rubber dummy that can be fucked at will, deserves no response.

Being a human rubberdoll is not something I object to, but it’s also not something I aspire to. I wasn’t even sure that it would turn me on and that I’d be into it. It is not something that can be thoroughly enjoyed without getting into the right state of mind, turning off my human side, becoming a doll, a rubberized fuck-toy. That’s a big ask.

This particular clients talked to me about his fantasies the first time we met. At the time, I had none of the gear that you see in the picture above. That did not keep him from pursuing his dream. Over the course of 12 months, he paid to have almost all the items custom made to my measurements; the Big Boobs Catsuit, the discipline corset, the crotch inserts, gag, bondage helmet. All together, his fantasy was about as extreme as I was comfortable going. Effectively, we worked out together, piece by piece, how to translate his fantasy into reality. A reality that I was warming up to, and eventually fully embraced.

There was no detail left untouched. From the size of the breast inserts (FF) to the measurements of the corset (22 inch), or the attachments from the breath-through gag, to the blindfold, and the eye and nose openings. Even the ballet boots had to be right. It wasn’t until out third date that we had worked out all the details. Sure, we had sex during those dates, but most of the time was spent talking about his fetish, his dreams, and how I could make them happen.

The price tag? He spent well over $3000 just on everything he wanted to turn me into his rubber doll (that’s of course not counting the escort fees, hotel expenses, food, etc.). But more importantly, he wanted me to feel like a rubberdoll. Not just put on some latex, have sex, and be done with it. No, he wanted to spend several days with his rubberdoll, giving me time to settle into a different state of mind.

We finally met for several days in Greece. From day one, I was only wearing latex. Dinner in my latex dress was of course obligatory. Back in our suite, I was quickly slipping back into either a regular catsuit or the corset, but rarely more than just a piece or two. He wanted to make sure that everything fit right, and that I could wear it for extended periods. The chemistry that developed over the first couple of days was amazing. He had patience, and I wanted to please him. I wanted to become a rubberdoll. Not just by the looks of it, but by the way I approached the final day.

When the time came to put together all the pieces, my mind went blank. I don’t even remember the time it took to put on everything. I was quickly blindfolded, encased in my Big Boob Catsuit, cinched in my corset, my pussy and ass stuffed with large dildos. The gag prevented me from talking. The tightness of the corset made it difficult to breath, and the thick rubber helmet was perhaps the most disorienting part of it. I completely lost all sense of time and space. I became a mindless, sex hungry, rubber object. And I was totally dependent on him. Even though I was not restrained, the way the entire ensemble was locked together, there was nothing I could do to free myself.

That’s how I spend the better part of our last day. I was forced to bring myself to climax, to become constantly aroused, there was no downtime for me. I could focus on nothing but sex and my rubber world. I was a rubberdoll, a fuck doll. Nothing else mattered, and that’s exactly what we both wanted. I wanted him to use me, to fuck me, to piss on me, anything he wanted to do. He used every opening my body had to offer, keeping the others stuffed, ready and prepared for his next penetration. My body went from orgasm to orgasm — there was nothing else on my mind. I was truly his rubber fuck doll.

Those hours were among the hottest and most memorable, mind-transforming, moments I had experienced. For him, it was his dream. And it was also the last time I saw him.

For a brief moment, he was my gift.

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  1. Wow that’s incredible. A fabulous insight into someone’s personal desire. The outfit does look amazing and I’m glad that you both got the experience from it that you desired.

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