Over the past several months, actually less than four months, I’ve put a lot of time into developing this blog. Your response has been fantastic and I truly do appreciate every reader, every comment, and every one who liked one of my posts.

However, between my academic life and developments in my personal life, I just don’t have the time to keep this blog up at the pace that I have over the summer. I never thought that I’d get this quickly on track to having 10,000 page views per month. But that also sucks me into writing, rather than living my life, and at this point, there is simply not enough time to do both.

I’ll of course keep this blog open, you are welcome to roam around, and from time to time, when it fits into the rest of my life, I’ll post some updates and thoughts on issues. I’ll also comment on other posts as I find them not just interesting, but really helpful for understanding my own emotions and experiences.

Unlike many other bloggers, I am not in a D/s relationship, though I’m getting there. But, as with so many things, it’s complicated. Blogging is a very therapeutic outlet and this is a wonderful community. The support and thoughtfulness is truly remarkable. I won’t be a stranger, but just one with a little less time.

Please stay in touch, you’ve all been incredibly helpful in allowing me to figure out where I want to go with my personal life. I’m not clear on where exactly that will take me, I won’t compromise on my twisted mind, my desires, and my true personality. I also won’t be ashamed of my own past. If that allows me to find the happiness in my personal life that I am seeking, then that’s great. If not, I’ll be myself and let the world deal with it.

Love you all,